I am a 24 year old alien abductee + contactee, as well as a military abductee. I am the author of my book, Connecting The Starswhere I share all of my experiences and interactions (physical and non-physical) with different types and races of extraterrestrials.

I am an intuitive artist and a web + graphic designer with seven years of experience. I do traditional art as well as digital art of cosmic beings that I see in my visions as well as for other people who are curious to see who comes through for them. ClairvoyArt.

I regularly upload videos where I offer bi-weekly card readings as well as monthly New Moon Energy Forecasts. From time to time I might share my views on spirituality, ascension, new age, empowerment and more. You can subscribe here!

I am a tarot expert with over seven years of experience as well as a Certified Angel Card Reader. I have done card readings for thousands of people online as well as in person during all these years, you can book a private consultation with me here. 🙂


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