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The Perks:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Zion Zeta Affiliate. Once you register, you will have access to the following bonuses below. Make sure that you read the Affiliate Terms for more information in regards to your benefits as a Zion Zeta Affiliate and the Agreements you will be making before officially registering. Zion Zeta is not responsible of any misunderstandings for not reading, accepting and following the Terms.

Affiliate Ranks:
As a starter, you get rewarded 10% on all services and products offered in the Zion Zeta website. After referring over 50 people, your rank and reward will go up to 30%. After referring over 100 people, your rank and reward will go up to the highest level of 50%.

Passive Income:
All you have to do is refer people to the services and products that you have enjoyed the most from Zion Zeta. You don’t need to have a service or product in order to get rewarded for your time and support in assisting Zion Zeta to be of service to you and the world at a bigger scale.

Special Deals:
As a follow up to the point above, as a Zion Zeta affiliate, you get VIP access to exclusive discounts on services and products that are not available to the public, as an extra reward for your time, support and service. This is only valid to active affiliates that continuously refer potential clients to Zion Zeta, not for simply joining the affiliate program.

No Inventory:
You don’t have to deal with packaging, shipping and handling goods or the costs that come with it.

Introverts Unite! Separately. From Home:
You don’t have to deal with clients or customer service after getting rewarded.

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