The Difference: Dreams, Lucid Dreams and Astral Travel

Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of The Spiritual Alien podcast!

So, today’s topic is about the difference between a dream, a lucid dream and astral traveling.

Along the years, even way before I released my first book titled “Connecting The Stars,” I used to have a blog in which I shared all of my bizarre experiences when astral traveling, in hopes of finding an answer as to why were these otherworldly experiences and encounters happening to me. But instead I attracted a lot of people with tons of questions, including certain people from different military branches, as I used to heavily share experiences where I would astral travel to military bases. I will get more into this in the next episode on how I got started with astral projection.

So along the years many of you have been making me the same question, it is perhaps THE most popular and common question I’ve been asked along the years, so I wanted to take this opportunity to officially start this podcast with a highly requested answer to a very popular and common burning question.

“Hey Z, what’s the difference between a normal dream, a lucid dream and astral projection? How do I know which one am I experiencing?”

First of all, you experience all of them, but most times you are not aware of or cannot remember the latter two.

A dream is a scenario in which you are deeply involved in, where you really do believe you are peeing yourself and you need to find a bathroom ASAP. You are not aware that you are, in fact, dreaming and you also have no control of your experience. You might say “I thought it was really happening.” it is the “I thought” part that gives it away that you were dreaming and that word is a trigger that will help you to know which scenario you are involved in.

A lucid dream is when you suddenly become aware of your surroundings and you instantly know that you are dreaming because you actually do remember going to sleep. It is quite simple. However, once the dream starts to take a dark turn you might subconsciously wish for it to change, and next thing you know, you are in a different environment or you force yourself to wake up. In a lucid dream, you have control of your surroundings and sometimes even of the people, like a visual story that you are telling yourself but you can also see it unfolding in real time.

The only dangerous thing I would say about lucid dreaming is that the lines between physical reality and lucid dreaming tend to be blurry, sometimes I don’t know if I am really awake or if I am still asleep. You should exercise caution if you are a sleep walker who has lucid dreams so you don’t harm yourself while you sleep. Trigger warning in regards to mentioning suicide; but I have previously killed myself in dreams in order force myself to wake up from them after failing to change the environment in a lucid dream, but this can pose a serious threat if I was a sleep walker.

An astral projection, also known as astral traveling and out-of-body experience, is when your consciousness detaches from your physical body and travels elsewhere around Earth or outside of it to other dimensional planes. When you have that out-of-body experience, you are attached to your physical body by a silver cord through your navel, so you are perfectly safe. You are fully conscious and aware that you went to sleep, that you are sleeping and that you are not in your physical body, you might even see yourself lying down in bed while you stand next to yourself or are hovering above your own body. Unlike a lucid dream, you cannot manipulate your surroundings or the people to do your will, pretty much like real life except without the physical vessel.

Two things that I would like to mention. First, you cannot “get lost forever” in the astral plane. Second, you do not die when you astral project, that is a lie, otherwise you wouldn’t be awake right now. We all astral travel from 2 to 3 times a week, if not more, but we are not aware of it for the majority of the time.

Now, interaction with otherworldly beings can take place in all three of these levels because reaching out in the person’s subconscious mind is the easiest form of contact from higher dimensional beings. Often times a great majority of them cannot materialize in physical form because they are from a much higher density, so the more they lower their frequency to reach a level of materialization the more challenging and perhaps even dangerous it is to them. It is like being inside a submarine in the depths of the ocean and trying to go beyond the level that you are supposed to, the further down you go the higher the risk, so instead of reaching down to you, they raise your vibration so you can rise up and meet up with them.

A second theory is that they simply do not belong to this universe at all, even if they are in a different dimension than we are, so they cannot materialize in physical form. Of course, that doesn’t mean that all of them can’t show themselves in physical form, because there have been cases of physical abductions and contact through UFO sightings and the like, but physical contact is not as common as having contact on your own through your dreams, lucid dreams or astral traveling experiences.

I say this because many of you have approached me with that concern and I have noticed that subconscious contact is more common than physical contact. This is not to say that physical contact can’t happen, but that you may not always be aware that it happened in the first place, if at all.

You don’t need to experience physical contact in order to have an interaction with ETs, so if you are aware that you have never had physical contact with one, do not be discouraged, that is not the only way. We all receive wake up calls in different ways, some have a wake up call through an alien abduction or a UFO sighting, while others have wake up calls in dreams such as myself.

If you would like to learn how to astral travel and how to remember your dreams and astral experiences, stay tuned for the next episode where I will share with you how I got started. I will share with you exactly how I did it, what I learned, what techniques I used, as well as what I recommend when it comes to remembering your experiences and protecting yourself as well as your aura.

Alright everyone, thank you so much for joining me in The Spiritual Alien podcast, let me know what you think by leaving me a review on iTunes and make sure you follow me on Instagram @ zionzeta and on Facebook @ zz.clairvoyart to see my latest 3D artwork if it floats your spaceship. Take care and I’ll speak to you soon! I am Zion Zeta, always at your service!

A Simple Introduction! 🙂

Hello world! Welcome to my blog. As you probably noticed, my name is Zion Zeta, also lovingly known as Z.

If you read my book “Connecting The Stars” you also probably already know that I am not exactly good at introductions. How does one properly introduce themselves without sounding egotistic, arrogant or full of one’s own self? Those are the questions that always run through my mind whenever I have to introduce myself to other people in writing online or in speech face to face.

But if you’re new here, then hi. Hello and welcome, thank you for stopping by! I am Zion Zeta, I am 24 years old and I was born and raised in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, I am currently living in the United States in the state of Florida. My mother tongue is Spanish and I learned English on my own by watching television as a kid, playing a ton of video games and eventually submerging myself to the internet world when I was 10. I read more than I speak or hear others speak, so I tend to mispronounce things once in a while, to the point that people think that I’m German due to having an accent.

I do a bit of everything, I am also a bit of everything. I am a 3D artist, a self-published author of my book “Connecting The Stars” (and by the way, if you’re interested, you can read the FREE e-Book version by signing up on the following link to download the PDF version with seven random chapters of the original book by going to, I am an alien abductee and contactee, I am also an expert tarot reader with 7+ years of experience, an intuitive coach and web/graphic designer. As if that wasn’t enough, I am currently a junior student in DeVry University, I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Design and Development with a concentration in Graphic and Multimedia Design. Oh, and now I’ll be playing the roles of a blogger and a podcaster as well!

Now I’m sure you understand why I hesitate to properly introduce myself to others, because when it comes to me, I have no idea where to even begin to describe myself. I have tried narrowing myself down to one or two things like how several business coaches have told me in the past to do. Why? So that people could recognize me better and easier by having a narrowed focus of what it is that I do that makes me who I am. You know, as a way to “brand” myself so that people recognize me over something, like “Oh hey, that Z girl is that tarot chick that talks to aliens!” or something like “Yeah I know who is Z, she’s a 3D artist!”, but then there’s the rest of me all bundled up and ditched inside a small closet, spilling out through the borders of the door. Narrowing myself down didn’t exactly work too well for me. And I realized that there’s no point in censoring myself and all the other aspects of me, they all make me who I am. I guess the first lesson in this first post for you is to never water down your own greatness and wholeness, it will make you unhappy and incomplete.

I remember when I would introduce myself and say “Oh, I’m just a web designer.” and my other me was like “Yeah I am also tarot reader who’s a sucker for crystals, incense and scented candles!” and it was so difficult to cut myself off like that. I wasn’t honoring myself, I wasn’t acknowledging the rest of me, I was trying to force myself to fit into a box that was too small for me, mostly because I wanted to be professional, and from what I was being told, being professional meant having only one thing, one focus, one job or title, and having more than one focus, title or jobs meant being a spacey, all over the place and unprofessional person for being a jack of all trades but master of none. I have Virgo in the third House which is ruled by Gemini, so I am highly analytical and calculative, always over-thinking and over-analyzing everything, on top of that a perfectionist as well, so I wanted to make things right every single time, always. But logical thinking does not always work and does not always mean that it is the right thing to do. The calling of my heart was louder than the noisy voices trying to shove me inside a box that I couldn’t fit into, so I stood out of the box and I burned it down. And I have never felt so free. 

I have already been rejected by a great majority of my extended family for as long as I have memory, for being different and dressing different; dressing all in black, wearing spike bracelets and chokers, fishnet gloves and so on, for liking gargoyles, werewolves and vampires instead of princesses, for talking about esoteric subjects instead of reality shows and gossiping about others, for listening to dark and heavy music instead of pop – oh and by the way, I listen to a shit ton of black metal (and most of the various types of metal, except power metal – I hate it) – but most of all, because I never begged them for acknowledgement of my existence, since they never gave a damn about me, neither did I about them. I am a mirror, I reflect the treatment that others give me, and that pisses off a lot of people, which greatly amuses me. Also…yes…I swear occasionally.

I like to talk about everything even if I’m not knowledgeable in the subject. I love learning new things and other points of view when it comes to all of the different religions, political parties and so on. I don’t like to limit myself, I like to expand myself, my understanding and my knowledge by understanding people by listening to them and what they have to say by expressing their thoughts and beliefs to me without judging them, even if I don’t always agree with everything.

Even though I look feminine in the images around my website, that only happens once in a blue moon. I am a tomboy, I also don’t wear makeup, and I have more male friends than females. And in case you have been wondering, yes, I am bisexual. I came to terms with it in Summer of 2016, although I was already suspecting it since 2014, and questioning myself since I was 12, so it has been a long time of being in confusion and slight denial. But now that I am clear that this was not a teenage phase or some other BS of an excuse that others tried to impose on me, I feel happier and more comfortable with myself than ever.

But why am I telling you all this? Because I want you to know exactly who I am right off the bat. I don’t like it when others have expectations of me, it makes me feel limited, which is why being authentic is something that is very important to me, and it should be for you too. Those who truly love you will stick around, and those who don’t will move on. Those who do move on and abandon you were not meant to be there with you on the first place because they were never there when they were around you. Does that make sense?

So, moving on to the second and last point is, what is this blog and the podcast all about? It’s about spirituality, new age teachings and ET phenomena, I’ll be talking about topics in regards to starseeds, aliens, hybrid children, astral traveling, meditation, working with crystals, energetic updates, how to develop your intuitive abilities, psychic protection, MILABS (military abductions), psychic vampires, narcissists in the spiritual community, and many more topics in regards to the paranormal, spirituality, new age, lifestyle and self-development! It’s going to have a little bit of everything sprinkled all over, so again, it’s difficult to narrow it down to a single focus. The blog will be used as a transcript for the podcast, for those of you out there who prefer reading over listening, and for those who are hard of hearing! No one should miss out on the fun!

I hope that you enjoy this blog and podcast, and that you stick around for more. As always, I am open to topic suggestions which you can send to the following email address which is

Have a good one and see you soon!

I am Zion Zeta, always at your service!

Greetings Humans!

I am Zion Zeta. I’m a 24-year-old 3D artist, author of “Connecting The Stars,” tarot reader with 7+ years of experience, intuitive coach and web/graphic designer. Currently a junior in DeVry University pursuing a Bachelor’s in Multimedia Design and Development. Phew!

This blog is linked to my podcast, where I’ll be talking about topics in regards to starseeds and lightworkers, alien contact with your galactic family and hybrid children, cosmic energy updates, divination and channeling, dreams and astral travel, chakras and meditation, crystal healing, spirit guides and angels and much more!



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