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Born and raised in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, Zion Zeta is a 24 year old author of her book “Connecting The Stars” where she shares her experiences and interactions of an otherworldly nature, as she is an alien abductee and contactee. She had a spiritual awakening in 2010 after being confronted by a Reptilian Council in a vision and told that she was not fulfilling her agreement, which was a contract to reincarnate on Earth for a specific purpose.

Zion Zeta has witnessed black helicopters and experienced electronic interference, phone tapping, internet surveillance, hacked online blogs, mysterious calls at 3:00am, and had an encounter with the men in black. But not every experience was negative, as she eventually encountered a militaristic group of benevolent Draconians who are helping her to assist humanity and the planet.

Zion Zeta is a tarot expert and has done readings for thousands of people online as well as in person since she started offering readings to the public in 2010. She is also a 3D artist and illustrates her ET contacts, some of her personal experiences, as well as the galactic contacts and experiences of others.

Zion Zeta is a Junior student at DeVry University, she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Design and Development while currently living in the state of Florida.


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