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Receive a customized crystal + sound healing 30-minute video sent directly to your email! You will be contacted (if for some reason sending me a note during checkout is not possible) to the email that you use for payment, to confirm what type of crystal + sound healing intention you would like to set for your session. The theme of the session can be about whatever it is that your heart desires! Attracting more abundance into your life, attracting good health, romance, releasing toxic people, closing cycles, the themes are limitless!



What are Crystal Healing and Sound Healing? Why am I even combining them and using them together for healing?

Well, Crystal Healing involves crystals and gemstones for their healing and therapeutic properties. Sound Healing is a practice that involves the vibrations of sound from resonating objects like singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs and so on. When I combine them together in my healing practice, they compliment each other and amplify each other’s healing powers.

In my practice, I use them to shatter negative energies and bad thoughts directed at you by other people, to disconnect and detach etheric implants in your astral body, to shatter and burn away etheric cords from other people and non-physical entities attached to your auric field, to bring you into a state of deep relaxation and inner stillness, to help you during meditation or sleep, to ground, balance and unblock your chakras, to bring healing energy into an aspect of your Self, and ultimately to bring you into a Higher state of Being by raising your vibration through the power of crystals and sound so that you can establish a clear celestial connection, communication and interaction with your Higher Self, star family, guides and angels.

It all starts with an intention in your mind and heart. Then, I will hold space for that intention to manifest for you as I write it in a small piece of paper and place it inside of a large clear quartz geode that resembles a cave, proceeding with the sound session around the geode surrounded by a crystal grid.

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