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Receive a customized channeled guided meditation as an MP3 audio sent directly to your email! You will be contacted (if for some reason sending me a note during checkout is not possible) to the email that you use for payment, to confirm what type of guided meditation you would like. The theme of the meditation can be about whatever it is that your heart desires! Meeting your spirit guides, star family, Higher Self, astral projecting to other dimensions, releasing and letting go of a toxic person or situation, cutting cords and shielding yourself, the themes are limitless!

I reserve the right to decline sexual requests and no refunds will be given.



Meditation is a skill that can be practiced and learned. At first, however, carving out the time to meditate can seem difficult. “Oh I don’t have time to meditate, I have things to do!” is an excuse I hear very often when I ask my friends if they meditate, yet some of them spend long periods of time browsing their Facebook feed and next thing you know, 30 minutes have passed, if not more. Instead of checking your phone for new notifications first thing in the morning or before falling asleep, you can invest that time in something more productive and beneficial for yourself and your health.

Another thing that can seem difficult is sitting down to meditate and becoming aware of how active and crowded your mind really is. It may be challenging to slow down your thoughts, this may cause you to feel frustrated and like giving up, however, with time, practice and patience, you will be able to become aware of your thoughts without holding on to them or getting involved in them and learn to examine the quality of each thought to see whether they are beneficial to you or not, this can help you to become aware of certain patterns that you would like to shift or have the choice to move the thoughts away to shift your focus back to the present moment.

This is where I step in. I am here to assist you on your spiritual journey.

Note: Read the Terms before purchasing.



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