I am a tarot expert with over seven years of experience as well as a Certified Angel Card Reader. I have done card readings for thousands of people online as well as in person, so you could say that I know a thing or two on how to help others in different areas of their lives.

The divination tools that I use are tarot cards and oracle cards, however, most of the time these tools are not required by my Higher Self and guides in order to read a person’s energy, because of this the sessions usually end up being some kind of “conscious channeling” sessions of sorts rather than card reading sessions. This can happen spontaneously during a session and is not something I can control or do at will, sometimes it can be my Higher Self or guides speaking through me and sometimes it can be your guides or your own Higher Self, if you are sensitive enough to detect what type of energy may be interacting with you.

Be warned that because of this, the entire session may be done without the use of cards due to the strong possibility of conscious channeling happening unexpectedly without warning. Scroll down for the various price options available.

Popular Topics Discussed:

  • Galactic Star Family
  • Astral Traveling
  • Dream Interpretation, Dreams and Lucid Dreaming
  • Crystal Quartzs and Crystal Healing
  • Starseeds, Indigos, Rainbow and Crystal Souls
  • Communicating with your Higher Self and Guides
  • Angelic and Higher Realm Contact and Communication
  • Extraterrestrials and Alien Abductions
  • Hybrid Children and the Hybridization Program
  • MILABs (Military Abductions), Black Helicopters and Shadow Military
  • Chakras and Meditation
  • ET Disclosure
  • And much more!


$200 USD


1) What happens after I book a session?

Once you book a session with me, send me an email to with the subject “Session” as this will help me to get back to you ASAP. In the message, send your best email to contact you, your Skype username, a picture of yourself and the day as well as time(s) you are available for the session. To know about my schedule availability read the fifth question below.


2) How are the sessions done?

Approximately 100% of all sessions are done via Skype in video format to have a stronger connection with the client. If you do not have Skype and/or do not wish to download the free application, it can be done via Google Hangouts or Zoom.


3) How can I best prepare for my session?

You may want to write down any questions you may have that you feel you need clarity and understanding on. This can help you to get the most out of our session together and stay on track, and the possibility of being able to ask follow-up questions. However, please do not email me any questions beforehand, save them for the session.


4) What do I need to know about the technical aspect of the session?

It is required that you have an HD webcam and a high quality headset or microphone with headphones for the session and be in a quiet environment where you won’t be disturbed. This is so that the recording of the session is of high quality and both of us can be heard with absolute clarity. Please test your webcam, headset or microphone and headphones beforehand so that things run smoothly during our session.


5) Which days and what times are you available for a session?

With University and 3D art commissions on my plate it is a little tricky to have a fixed schedule, however, I am available during the afternoon hours of USA Eastern Time, ideally between 2pm-8pm USA Eastern Time. You can use this page to calculate the time difference between us. Once you book a session with me, allow 1-3 business days to receive a response from me.


6) Do you offer recordings of the sessions?

Yes, I offer MP3 recordings. However, it is recommended that you set up a recording software on your side as well, just to make sure that you have a recording of the session in case any technical difficulties should arise.


7) What are your booking terms and conditions?

The booking terms and conditions can be viewed by visiting:


8) I am not prepared to invest in a live 1-on-1 session with you, but I really want to have a session with you.

I have made available a couple of options listed below that are budget-friendly. However, know that these fill up quickly due to high demand, so expect a 7-14 day delay in receiving a response from me for your session.


(30-Min Recorded)
$100 USD


(Text and pictures)
$50 USD


(30-Min Audio)
$30 USD


(1 Question)
$20 USD


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