Back in 2011 I was no artist, yet I randomly started drawing, because one year after my spiritual awakening, one night I began to “see” faces of extraterrestrial beings in the towel of my bathroom, and later on in other places. This increased as time went by. I began to see faces in the carpet, walls, ceiling, even on a lamp. Not to mention that I also started encountering ET’s here and there in my dreams and in my astral traveling experiences, some of them even asked me directly to draw them without giving me a reason, so I have followed their instructions.

After asking two MUFON investigators and showing them 10 of these portraits, they brushed me off and insisted that what I was experiencing was just pareidolia. However, what puzzles me the most about this is that I have met some of these extraterrestrial beings after drawing them, as well meeting some of them before even drawing them, and being asked to draw them. Then why am I encountering them? Why did some of them wanted me to draw them? Why am I seeing beings in the most absurd of places, and drawing them, only to meet them later on and confirming their existence? The investigators could not give me an answer.

How could I have drawn all of these extraterrestrial beings with absolutely no art skills whatsoever? Who are these beings? Why did they show up in my life? How is it possible that I can draw beings that I have not seen anywhere, only to meet them later on? What do they want? I do not know, I do not have any answers. I spent many years hiding all of these drawings from the public eye out of fear as I was never told by any of them if they wanted to be seen by the public, and I did not want to disrespect them in any way. But after all this time, I was finally given the “Yes!” by the majority of them, however, many of them between 2012 to the present day have been discarded as they still do not wish to be seen by the public, and now is the time to share them with you.

Notebook One:
February to September of 2011

Notebook Two:
September 2011 to December of 2012

*** I have discarded several drawings that I have done in the years 2011 and 2012, as well as all of the ones I have done between 2013 and up until the present day, as many of the ET beings that I have encountered do not wish to be seen by the public yet, and half of them have not given me a straight answer if they wish to be seen or not. ***


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