Zion Zeta is a Senior student from DeVry University, ET contactee, tarot expert, author, podcaster, gamer and an intuitive artist from Arecibo, Puerto Rico, currently living somewhere in the United States. By day she is pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Multimedia Design and Development and by night she is the host of The Spiritual Alien Podcast. In mid 2016, one month shy of releasing her first book “Connecting The Stars,” her life purpose as a tarot reader took an unexpected turn while designing her book cover, leading her to create her own 3D art of ET beings that she already wrote about on her book and has been doing it for the public ever since.

In the video above I address why and how I got into art, as well as a few of the most commonly made questions already answered below and other questions that I go into more detail that I didn’t include on this page.


Q: What software do you use?

A: Daz3D and Photoshop. 😉


Q: How did you learn?

A: The Internet. I am self-taught.


Q: What led you to pursue 3D art?

A: I wanted to illustrate my own ET contacts at some point after releasing my first book on June of 2016, and being a University student with no job meant that I couldn’t hire an artist to do it, so when I asked for their help to do art for personal use, I was given the cold shoulder instead. I took this as a challenge, so I decided to do it myself and a series of synchronistic events led me to use my intuition while using the software and guided me towards learning materials and resources, that’s when other people who took an interest in my art started approaching me to inquire if I was accepting commissions, so I have been doing it for the public ever since.


Q: Are you a channeler?

A: No. I interpret visual impressions from the ethereal plane to the physical plane in the form of digital art, much like a clairvoyant has visions and interprets them in the form of words or writing. I would say I am more of a clairvoyant as I have had premonitions and contact with spirits since a very young age in the form of dreams, lucid dreams and astral projection.


Q: Do you still offer tarot readings?

A: Yes. You can get a reading by clicking here.


Q: Since you are a web developer and graphic designer, can I hire you to build my website?

A: Yes. You can check out the packages I offer by clicking here.


Q: I noticed you’re a gamer, what games do you play and enjoy the most?

A: FPS. I have been, however, grinding the hell out of Warframe since September 2019, right after I dropped out from DeVry.


Q: What platform do you use for gaming?

A: PC.


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