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Just like the moon, I was totally absent during the entire month of February due to a buttload of homework and projects in my University, as well as various private 3D commissions, but I have returned and I cannot wait to share with you a bunch of topics in the near future that I am sure you will love.

So, today’s topic is rather different, because it’s my first Q&A episode! It’s going to be short, sweet and to the point…hopefully.

A long time ago by now, I asked you on Facebook and Instagram to leave me a question that you wanted me to answer in regards to astral projecting, or something else in relation to the topic of astral traveling. Since the basics of astral traveling have already been covered in my previous episode, I will not be getting into detail on what is astral projection or how to do it. But today I will be getting into your questions, some which go beyond the basics of astral traveling. So let’s get to it!


The first question is from Filip:

“What to do when you encounter another traveler but has questionable motives?”

Hey Filip! It depends how prepared you are energetically speaking. When I started practicing AP without a target like a specific location, I would float around so to speak in any place I would find myself in, and I would encounter bizarre things and threatening travelers, not just other humans but also entities that were of an extraterrestrial origin, mainly the latter.

In astral, energy speaks louder than words, so you intuitively know what type of traveler you have encountered. Always trust your first impression, if something feels wrong or someone’s energy feels off or negative to you, they probably are and you should watch out. Initially, I had no willpower in the beginning, so I had no idea how to defend myself if an entity attacked me either directly or simply by pulling my energy to feed off of it. Many times I would wake up feeling depressed or angry and bitter with everyone else around me for no good reason, until I realized I was a target for energetic parasites. Sometimes these parasites are from other people we have contact with and they manifest in our subconscious when we are sleeping. These parasites are “leftovers” of the energy of the person we came into contact with that day, week, month or even year, as some bonds are stronger and harder to detach from.

Going back to the topic, trusting your intuition is a must. Suppose you encounter a fellow traveler — human or non-human — and you have the sensation they have questionable motives. In my case since I did not know how to defend myself, so I would go into fear mode and immediately return to my physical body. It was a natural reaction, this is very likely to happen to you.

When your astral body perceives fear or any sort of threat, it sends signals to your physical body, tricking the brain that something is going to harm you, so your astral self immediately returns to your physical body, because the physical body is pulling you back as a protective method if you are not aware of how to defend yourself. Even if something did happen to your astral body, your physical body cannot die, because energy doesn’t die, so your astral body cannot die either, but it can be drained, so you might wake up feeling some sort of negative emotion out of nowhere or feeling heavy and slow.

If you do know how to defend yourself because you know you are in full control of your astral body and fully aware of your surroundings, the easiest thing to do would be to visualize an invisible cloak covering you and making you invisible to any and all threats from all directions and dimensions across time and space. I have done the invisible cloak visualization and it works for me every time, more so than the usual technique of picturing myself inside a bubble of light in my favorite color. It’s a simple, easy and quick visualization that anyone can do, even before going to sleep. Alternatively, if you perceive a threat, you can direct energy from your hands and “push it” with your mind out of your hands to beam it towards the entity with questionable motives, as a way to repel them and keep them off of your energetic field.


The second question, also from Filip is:

“How not to get scared and jump back into your body when an astral traveling squirrel says ‘BOO!’?”

This is tricky because again everyone is different, so what works for me may not work for you, so I can only speak from my own personal experience. A useful technique that I accidentally discovered and have used every time since then, is the power of my breath. When I am confronted by a fearful scenario, I become conscious of my breath and breathe deeply. Because my anxiety goes through the roof, I tend to hyperventilate so whenever I get worked up during an intense situation, it causes my astral self to jump back into my body, so all it takes me is to be conscious of my breath and remember to breathe slowly and deeply, and it usually works in diminishing my initial scare followed by the anxiety with the jump in heart rate, and keeps me in the astral plane.


The third question is from Sheldon:

“Can you time travel to a timespace where you are awake and influence yourself to help with a situation?”

Hey Sheldon! Yes this is very possible, in fact I will give you two different answers. First, this is what your Higher Self already does, since your Higher Self carries all the information of all the lives you have lived thus far. Since everything is happening simultaneously and you are living various lives all at once but in different dimensions, it is more than likely that your Higher Self is already influencing you from “the future” to help with a current situation. Second, it is possible for you to intervene with a situation you are experiencing from the dreamstate and influence it, perhaps not directly physically influence it, but by extracting information stored in your subconscious while in the astral state from your Higher Self and implementing it in your physical life.


The fourth question is from Diana:

“How do you get rooted in the astral plane to not be afraid of letting go and…go?”

Hey Diana! You may want to listen to my previous episode “Astral Traveling: The Why, What, Where and How” as I share a few different techniques on how to astral project, as well as how to get out of your body into the astral plane. However, one technique that helped me to let go in the beginning was to be conscious of my breathing. As you are resting in your bed waiting to fall asleep, you shall begin to visualize your body becoming brighter with each deep breath that you take in. By becoming brighter you will become lighter, because the point of this technique is to meditate on your physical body transitioning into becoming a body of light, becoming energy, which is what we originally are. By doing this, once you fall asleep you should be able to let go of your fear of letting yourself go outside your body. It is normal to feel fear in the beginning, but if this is something consistent that keeps happening to you, you should take a break from it and ask yourself why are you feeling this way and what can you do about it so that you can stop feeling afraid and transmute that fear into something empowering.


The fifth question is from Ryan:

“I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to project to these underground areas with dinosaurs and blue people. Do you know anyone who’s done that?”

Hey Ryan! While I am not familiar with other astral travelers and their adventures outside their body, it is very possible to AP to underground cities and meet intraterrestrials just as it is possible to AP outside of Earth and meet extraterrestrials if we are lucky. While I don’t believe there’s an actual physical world that exists inside our own planet, I do believe we have friendly neighbors living inside of Earth in another dimension and are very likely to be able to materialize if they wish. You may want to look up Corey Goode or the show Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia.TV as I believe the way that he has contact is through astral projection and he also speaks on Inner Earth beings, but I could be wrong as I do not follow his material.


The sixth question is from Rico:

“How do I identify and remove tags that were placed on me while traveling — implants that limit my ability to AP?”

Hey Rico! It depends, because sometimes some people can intuitively detect and feel that they have an etheric implant somewhere in their astral body. Etheric implants are difficult to detect because it’s not something physical that you can get surgically removed if you feel a strange lump in your body. Usually, in the astral plane you will get an impression whether you feel the same or different once you stop any action or movement and tune in to the present moment in that non-physical plane to tune in to your self. Or you will recall a memory of being implanted or marked in some way, like an astral parasite having a hold of you and marking your arm for example.

A clash of energies is usually enough to mark or implant a person, most of the time physical contact like touching or grabbing in the astral is not required to put an implant in a person, because etheric implants are different from physical ones during a physical alien abduction and they can be transferred through energy. The best way to be sure is to ask your star family and guides whether you have been implanted or not, and to remove any and all implants that do not serve your highest good, and give them permission to do so. Usually we have a “medical team” so to speak, consisting of our ET guides and star family who are experts and are trained in removing not just physical implants but etheric ones as well. Alternatively, you may want to use crystals like clear quartz and selenite by placing them in the areas of your body that you feel you have etheric implants on, to cut off any parasitic energies from your energetic field and any etheric implants along the way. Clear quartz and selenite are said to be two commonly used crystals to purify the energy field and dissolve any energetic imbalance and restore the auric field.


The seventh question is from Norman:

“Are you able to project through time and space simultaneously or only one at a time?”

Hey Norman! Yes you are able to, as we are energy and we can be anywhere and everywhere when we astral project. However since we have a “default life” in the physical plane, we are not fully trained to be aware of various things happening at once in the astral plane due to our limited human nature which can transfer and “bleed through” to the astral plane. In short, it is very likely we will bring our limitations to the astral plane. You may recall having dreams of being involved in more than one scenario and seeing them overlapping each other in front of your very own eyes. This has happened to me a lot for as long as I can remember, as well as seeing myself in the same place but in different locations of that place and doing two entirely different things, yet being conscious of both. But since it’s not really that relevant to my experience or spiritual growth, it doesn’t happen too often or I simply don’t recall the experience.


The eighth question is from Crystal:

“Does diet affect our ability to astral project?”

Hey Crystal! No, diet does not affect your ability to astral project, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do it because I am a meat eater myself. However, for the past six years or so, my body has been changing on its own and I no longer tolerate cheese or cow titty milk. But that’s a whole can of worms on its own that I am slowly exploring and making research on, as I am looking forward on changing my diet for the animal kingdom and the planet herself. To answer your question, no it does not affect your ability to astral project as I’ve been doing it all of my life without knowing what it was until 2010.


The ninth question is from Daniel:

“I have never been able to astral project. Is this something that only certain people can do?”

Hey Daniel! No it is not limited to certain people. In fact, this is how I got started and involved in the subject of astral projection, because just like you, I also thought that this was something that only certain people could do, but I was terribly wrong and proven otherwise after practicing it for some time. Initially though, I wanted to debunk the subject of astral projection, hence why I started researching it and practicing it on my own until I was proven wrong. But I talk all about my experiences in my book “Connecting The Stars” if you want to know more about who I am and my experiences. Like I mentioned in the book, it is all about my three P’s, which are practice, patience and persistence. So don’t give up.


The tenth and final question is from Damian:

“Do we need to use psychic protection in order to astral travel?”

Hey Damian! Yes. You absolutely need psychic protection. Just like going out at night and carrying something with you to defend yourself with, or being more wary of your surroundings when going out on your own, the astral plane can be a dangerous place to go if you don’t have a specific target or location in mind or the necessary psychic shielding and protection, especially if you don’t know how to defend yourself or what to protect yourself from, like hidden threats and parasites that may not be visible to the naked eye until you feel something pulling your energy and draining you. However I will be getting more into this in the next episode where I’ll be talking about psychic protection!

So stay tuned for the next episode, I will be covering things like how to get started, what to do and how to do it, as well as what tools and techniques to use and how to customize them to your liking! If you haven’t already submitted a question, you can email me at contact@zionzeta.com with the subject “Psychic Protection Question” for a chance to have your question featured in the next episode, and don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast to get notified of new episodes in the near future.

Alright everyone, thank you so much for joining me in The Spiritual Alien podcast, let me know what you think by leaving me a review on iTunes and make sure you follow me on Instagram @ zionzeta and on Facebook @ zz.clairvoyart to see my latest 3D artwork if it floats your spaceship.

Take care and I’ll speak to you soon!

This is Zion Zeta, always at your service!


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