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So, today’s topic is about astral traveling, also known as astral projection and out-of-body experiences. However, before we get into it, I have to tell you that there is a lot to cover in this topic, so it’s going to be a LONG episode.

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Now, I know you guys have a lot of questions, but for now I will answer the three most common ones to start with.

So, moving on to the first biggest question. You might be wondering “Hey Z, what the hell is AP?”

Alright, so, just in case you haven’t listened to (or read the transcript of) the previous episode, astral projection, also known as astral traveling and out-of-body experience, is when your consciousness detaches from your physical body and travels elsewhere around Earth or outside of it to other dimensional planes. When you have that out-of-body experience, you are attached to your physical body by a silver cord through your navel, so you are perfectly safe. You are fully conscious and aware that you went to sleep, that you are sleeping and that you are not in your physical body, you might even see yourself lying down in bed while you stand next to yourself or are hovering above your own body. Unlike a lucid dream, you cannot manipulate your surroundings or the people to do your will, pretty much like real life except without the physical vessel.

Two things that I would like to mention. First, you cannot “get lost forever” in the astral plane. Second, you do not die when you astral project, that is a lie, otherwise you wouldn’t be awake right now. We all astral travel from 2 to 3 times a week, if not more, but we are not aware of it for the majority of the time.

I have astral traveled for as long as I can remember. In fact, I used to hate those “flying dreams” when I was about 3 years old and growing up along the years, because I would always get stuck on the walls, the ceiling or even the windows. To make things worse, I would encounter bizarre monsters hanging out in my house at the time who would shapeshift as my family and then return to their original form to scare the ever living shit out of me or harm me in some way — which would usually be in the form of electric shocks. They usually had a gun that would paralyze me by sending me waves of electric shocks even at a long distance — and by the way, these guns looked very different to the taser guns — or if they felt like it, they would simply send me electric shocks through their own hands. Well, depending on the monsters that I saw. I get more into detail about my bizarre childhood experiences in my book “Connecting The Stars” and many, many other experiences after my alien abduction when I was 16, and later on after my spiritual awakening, if you dig that kinda thing of course.

Something that I mentioned in “Connecting The Stars” though, is that I wasn’t going to share how to astral project in the book itself because it was something that I learned for free, because it is one of those topics that it is so popular that it is very easy to find tons of free information on the internet, so there was no need for me to monetize something that people can already find around on YouTube or spiritual blogs for example.

This brings me to the second most burning question I have received along the years from many of you, not only during radio interviews but also in video meetings and personally.

“Hey Z, how can I astral project?”

Before I get into the juicy details, the first thing that I had to consider in the very beginning was the why. Why did I want to learn astral projection? If you have read my book “Connecting The Stars,” you will know I did it because I wanted to debunk this so-called ability that certain “special ones” had.

*** Spoiler alert! Anyone can do AP, but it takes longer for some than for others, just like any other skill in life, so don’t beat yourself up for that. ***

The second thing I had to consider was the what. What did I want to do exactly? Simple, I wanted to get the hell out of my body and be completely conscious and fully aware of it when it happened.

The third thing I had to consider was the where. Where did I want to go? You can’t just go out at night and stand in the middle of a highway, same thing with AP. Your consciousness or energy is just out there, interacting with who knows what, and not everything (or everyone) that approaches you has good intentions towards you. So I had to be specific. But being the ignorant 16 year old that I was at the time, I didn’t exactly choose a very good target as practice. Why? Because I wanted to astral travel to military bases. More specifically, Area 51. I could get into detail about it but it would take up this entire episode, so if you want to know more about my experiences, you can get my book “Connecting The Stars” on Amazon. You can also sign up for the free mini version of the book by going to zionzeta.com/ebook to download it and read 7 random chapters for free.

Basically I wanted a target that I wasn’t familiar with, but that I could look up on the internet later on and confirm whether I was in that place or not. It could not be a familiar place that the brain already knows and remembers. So military bases was a tempting idea for my rebellious and adventurous 16 year old self. To make the long story short, shit hit the fan and I eventually found out that astral projection was much more real than I thought, to the point that it even triggered black helicopters flying above my apartment in 2010. So you want a target you’re not familiar with, but that you can find online at a later time once you believe you astral projected there, so be very specific about where you want to direct your energy or consciousness to.

The fourth step that I completely missed was the how. How to protect myself, psychically or energetically. I completely missed the ball with that one for the following 2 years of my recent spiritual awakening and I had no idea why so much weird shit was happening to me. So you really want to be informed on how to protect yourself psychically, by either praying, visualization, asking your guides or star family for assistance, whatever works for you. Other things that can be bonuses of what else you can do are: sleeping with crystals, especially the dark ones like smokey quartz, black tourmaline or obsidian which are very protective stones, also taking a warm bath with protective herbs, smudging your bedroom and yourself before going to sleep, as well as doing a protective meditation where you visualize yourself inside a bubble of light as you slowly fall asleep.

The fifth step I would say it may be a minor one for you because everyone is different, so what may affect me may not affect you, but this was a huge one in my case, especially because I was clueless as a kid, which is to avoid wearing jewelry when going to sleep with the intention of astral projecting. Now, I didn’t wear jewelry as a kid, however, this is where things get odd. I don’t know about you, but as a 3 year old with weird “flying dreams” I hated them for another reason, the reason being because whenever I got too close to an electric device, like a television, a stove or a car, I would get electrocuted and wake up with sleep paralysis to the point that I wasn’t even able to open my eyes. In my book, I go into detail about this, “There are different kinds of metals that can interfere with the astral body if you get too close to such objects in your astral form. Which is why it is not recommended to fall asleep wearing jewelry, like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, wristwatches and so on.” This was when sharing a particular experience and coming across a large vault door made of steel which I knew was being used to block astral travelers from getting out. So, in other words, don’t wear jewelry to bed is what I’m trying to say.

Assuming you have followed the steps above, you are now ready to give AP your best shot. Remember, there’s always a next time, in case this is something that doesn’t work for you right away on the first attempt, so don’t be discouraged. So, moving to the final step is how to astral project.

The first technique I ever used was the “Sitting Up” technique, which is very simple and to the point. So simple that you might go “WTF.” But if simplicity is your thing and a lot of detailed visualization isn’t, then listen closely.

As you lie down in bed with your eyes closed, either facing up to the ceiling or resting on your side…or sleeping on your tummy like I do, you should take deep breaths to relax your body and your mind. No matter in which position you are resting, in your mind’s eye you will visualize yourself coming to a neutral position that will make you able to sit up on your bed. Once you see yourself sitting up, proceed to visualize yourself beginning to float upwards towards the ceiling, the wall or a window, and passing through it to the other side which should lead you outside your home. Repeat this visualization as many times as necessary if you are taking time falling asleep until you eventually do. Again, this could work for you right away or not, in my case it didn’t, so I moved on to trying out different techniques that I came across.

The second technique which actually worked for me was the “Rope Technique” and I will get a little bit too descriptive and rather technical-ish, this one will work best for those of you who enjoy more complicated things and have an easier time visualizing more complex scenarios.

As you lie down in bed facing up to the ceiling with your eyes closed, you should take deep breaths to relax your body and your mind. By focusing on your breath you are giving your mind a rest and also opening yourself to a meditative state, this is where messages from your guides can slip to your consciousness while you’re still awake, but it doesn’t always happen.

With each deep breath, visualize your spirit self slowly moving its hands away from your physical hands, as if you were seeing a double version of yourself in spirit. As you relax further, visualize your spirit self moving forward to sit up on the bed while your physical body remains in the fixed position you are resting on. Once you have that clearly pictured in your mind, look up to the ceiling and see a long rope coming through the ceiling reaching down to you for you to grab and hold on to. When you grab the rope in your mind’s eye, take some time to actually feel the texture of the rope. Is it cold or warm? Does it have a rough or smooth texture? Does it have knots or not? Can you see its color?

As you slowly pull yourself forward by holding on to this rope, you will feel some resistance coming from behind you, the area of the back, bottom and perhaps even legs, this is you detaching from your physical body. As you climb up this rope and the closer you get to the ceiling, the lighter you will feel and become, to the point that you may even feel like you’re floating and no longer relying on your arms to pull you up. Take a deep breath as you slowly pass through the ceiling. As expected, you should see your familiar surroundings around you, except that you’re not in your physical body.

As you float above the structure of where you live in, this is where you will contemplate and focus on your intentions, like where do you want to go to next? This is the time when you should state your clear intention as to where you want to go to. In my case, I stated loudly “I want to go to a military base!” and immediately my surroundings distorted, I was traveling at a very fast speed towards my destination, or rather, I was being taken at lightspeed towards my destination, and I blacked out. So at this point you should fall asleep or be in the process of falling asleep.

This same scenario can take place literally in the astral plane right after doing this visualization and going to sleep. This is how I became conscious that my body was asleep but that I was not in it, yet I was fully aware of everything around me, as I looked back at myself in bed before floating through the window to head outside. It was not a frightening experience whatsoever.

The third technique is not common, as it’s a customized one that I came up with myself just for you guys! I call this one “The Amethyst Chariot.” It’s simple and to the point with a little bit of visualization and with the help of our trusty buddies from the crystal kingdom, the Amethyst tribe. For this particular technique, you are suggested to have an Amethyst crystal with you and it has to be under your pillow. The size or the shape of it does not matter, what is important is that you have one with you under your pillow.

As you lie down in bed in your preferred position with your eyes closed, take deep breaths to relax your body and your mind. With each deep breath, you will begin to sink in your bed, deeper and deeper. The further down you go, the clearer your vision will become, until all that you can see is nothing but purple light all around you. Once your vision is crystal clear…pun intended, you will come to the realization that you are inside of your Amethyst crystal.

Amethyst transmutes energy and helps to open the third eye so it assists you in developing your clairvoyance and intuition. But something that not many people know is that Amethyst is a protective crystal that can act as a shield as well, especially if you wish to go traveling to the higher realms in the astral plane.

Once you feel and see yourself inside of your Amethyst crystal, you will feel much lighter, so light that you will begin to float upwards, out of your bed, seeing the environment around you with a tinge of purple as you float up to the ceiling, and beyond your home, floating higher and higher into the night sky, going above and beyond the clouds. Once you are above the clouds, you will hover in place for a few seconds. During this stillness, you shall set your intentions as to where you want to go, visualizing yourself launching off into lightspeed towards your destination until everything goes black. At this point you should fall asleep, if not, repeat as necessary until you do.

Whatever happens after these visualizations and going to sleep will be for you to experience, so I can’t tell you what will happen next. However, once you wake up you might be puzzled for being unable to remember the astral encounter or experience. You know something happened but you feel blocked, this has happened to me quite a lot but there are some things that have helped me to strengthen my memory recall after waking up.

This brings me to the third most burning question to wrap up this episode for today.

“Hey Z, how can I recall my astral travels, lucid dreams and normal dreams?”

One: Something that I do is that I wear and sleep with an Amethyst necklace under my pillow. Amethyst quartz helps the person to remember their dreams, their lucid dreams as well as their astral experiences, encounters and interactions, besides helping the person to open their third eye and develop their clairvoyance. I used Amethyst a lot during my meditations back in 2012 when I wanted to develop my clairvoyance and intuitive abilities. Amethyst can also protect you and transmute any negative energy within you or around you, whether from other people or environments, situations or from energetic parasites or astral intruders. You might not like wearing a necklace, so you can wear an Amethyst bracelet, but make sure it is not made with any metallic materials. Alternatively, you can always buy a single Amethyst quartz all on its own, whether a raw quartz or a tumbled one it does not matter as they both work just fine and sleep with it either under your pillow or next to you.

Two: Another thing that helps me to recall what happened is to keep my phone next to me over the night table so that I can immediately grab it and start typing away, alternatively you can record your voice with a voice recording app if it’s easier for you. You may not enjoy using a phone, so you can have a journal with a pencil next to you. I say pencil because pens sometimes don’t work and you might forget your astral experience while you’re busy being angry at the pen for not having consistent ink to write with. By recording what happened in some way, shape or form, it will help you to strengthen your mind when it comes to recalling dreams and out-of-body experiences, so that you can be able to remember more details with each experience.

Three: A final thing that helps me to recall a very vague experience is to search for things that may trigger more memories. So if I had an experience with a particular spirit guide in a temple, I would look for images of temples. If I had an experience with a specific ET race, I would look for images of their looks or depict them myself if I remember them clearly. If I had an experience where I heard some kind of strange music that I know doesn’t exist here on this physical plane, I would find a way to look for some kind of music that may remind me of what I heard. If there was a scent involved in the experience and if it’s possible to find, I would find a way to obtain a scent close to it and sniff it, like cinnamon which is rarely involved with the Greys that I have encountered.

The key here is to play the role of the curious seeker. Investigate, explore, make questions to yourself, tweak and change things around, customize the techniques given so you add your own energy to them, and keep going, because it may not happen the first time, but that is no excuse to give up. I know you guys have some questions, however I have gone beyond my time limit so I will have to leave them for next time!

Stay tuned for the next episode where I will be having a Q&A on all things AP. If you haven’t already submitted a question, you can email me at contact@zionzeta.com with the subject “AP Question” for a chance to have your question featured in the next episode. Those of you on Facebook and Instagram who already responded, I got your questions covered and ready to be answered, so stay tuned for the next episode and subscribe to this podcast to get notified of new episodes in the near future.

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Take care and I’ll speak to you soon!

This is Zion Zeta, always at your service!


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