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Intermission: It’s Time to Take a Stand (#BlackLivesMatter, White Privilege + Spiritual Bypassing)

Hi everyone. Welcome to another episode of The Spiritual Alien podcast.

Tonight I wanted to make an intermission with a raw and unedited episode to speak about the recent events unfolding in the United States. I will not get into details as to specifics, as I am sure you already know all about it, if not, there are plenty of articles on the internet for you to read.

The Spiritual Alien Podcast and yours truly, Zion Zeta, as well as my most recent and new brand, Shrine of Anubis, stand with #BlackLivesMatter.

I have interviewed guests who are people of color, who are also great friends of mine and I also have more friends of color who enjoy listening to this podcast and following my work.

It is my duty as a white presenting person, to use my white privilege for the greater good and the safety of these people, who are also human beings. What happened to George Floyd and countless others is not only dehumanizing, but terrible and very telling of how backwards we are as a human race and how much inner work many others still have yet to do.

If you are a white spiritual person, you probably are like “That’s not my timeline! I will create one where everything is peaceful and racism doesn’t exist!” That’s the first and common argument I get from my friends, but that’s not how spirituality works. That’s not how you make a change. That is spiritual bypassing and white privilege, I will explain what both of these terms mean shortly. And if you feel attacked that I just called you out on your bullshit, guess what? That’s not my fucking problem. I suggest you do some shadow work and deprogram from white fragility.

Number one. Spiritual bypassing is when you are disconnected from what truly matters simply because it feels uncomfortable to you. It is basically avoidance and repression.

Number two. White privilege does not mean that you have an easy life, that you don’t suffer from poverty, that you don’t have your own problems to deal with. It just means your skin color doesn’t add one more obstacle to it. So stop whining that you’re not a privileged person because you’re broke and have bills to pay.

I’ve had white friends ask me what’s wrong with being white, they probably think that I am racist for pointing out the fuckery. There’s nothing wrong with being white, except the ignorance of your own privilege, which is exactly what they showed me when they asked me.

Do understand that you were born privileged and that your skin color will not determine whether you are worthy of living or not. There is no such thing as racism against white people, when we are a majority and we have never been oppressed. So the argument that I am racist towards white cops for killing black people is invalid.

I am a Puerto Rican, we get discriminated against, for speaking Spanish, for looking Mexican or for being from an island and whatnot, but many of us are white, therefore privileged, so the discrimination is not as life threatening as it is for a black person.

You and I cannot relate to living in fear of having the cops break into your home at any given time during the night and storm everything in your home to try to find drugs just because you’re black or Mexican. You and I cannot relate to having a “peaceful” walk or jog in the neighborhood without the fear of being shot at from behind, like in the case of Ahmaud Arbery.

I have to be harsh here because some of my white friends just don’t get it, due to their white privilege and due to spiritual bypassing. This is a sad reality that many of my friends of color live, so you and I will never be able to feel how they feel and think how they think due to our privilege of being white.

I was debating on whether I should talk about this or not in the podcast but I figured why the hell not.

The reason why I debated on taking a stand and speaking up about this topic publicly in this platform was because I am aware of my white privilege, so I was wondering if I would be able to help the situation or if I would end up fucking everything up like I usually do. Past ex friends of color told me to not get involved because I’m white, meanwhile past ex white friends told me to just learn to not see color and that is exactly my problem.

I don’t want to be colorblind.

When you don’t see color, you are not seeing your black friends, Mexican friends, Asian friends and so on.

When you don’t see color, you are blinding yourself from being able to help and defend those close to you.

When you don’t see color, you are choosing the side of oppression and injustice.

When you don’t see color, you are showing the world your privilege.

When you don’t see color, you have chosen blindness.

Another bullshit argument I get is that “All Lives Matter” but I ask you, how have white people been oppressed? From not going to the bar due to a pandemic? That’s not oppression, that’s entitlement. All lives matter until black lives matter, that’s when suddenly everyone has a problem. When you say that all lives matter, you are invalidating the existence of all the murdered people due to police brutality, abuse of power, racism and white supremacy.

Stop trying to make this about yourself.

Stop trying to invalidate other people’s reality to comfort your own.

Stop being ignorant to this physical reality with very real and very physical problems.

And I am disappointed to say that I’ve seen this behavior from some white friends who I no longer consider friends. This is disgusting and unacceptable and I will not tolerate this.

My podcast is a small platform where you can learn about different topics in an easy to digest way, but there will be times when I will speak on difficult and sensitive topics such as this one. 

It is not my problem if I lose followers for taking a stand, in fact, I want to.

In fact, I don’t care about losing friends either. I’ve lost plenty already and over the dumbest shit you can possibly imagine. Now, I just don’t give a shit. I am tired of remaining silent to make everyone comfortable. Being silent is also choosing the side of the oppressor and I am unwilling to continue to play that role. There is a reason why I left the New Age community as well as the UFO community, because both are jam-packed with white supremacists and if you haven’t noticed…then you are blind.

Do not take this episode as an attack if you are white, but rather, as an abrupt and rude wake up call, a new perspective if you are unfamiliar with what spiritual bypassing and white privilege mean. In fact, I want to say that if you have listened this far, there is hope.

It’s time to make a change and I know that you and I can both make a difference in this world.

Learn more about spiritual bypassing. Learn more about white privilege and how you can use your position to help rather than oppress, learn more about how to spot white supremacists. Learn directly from people of color and their struggles, get to know them and see how you can best help them. Let them speak. Stop hearing only to respond, actually listen to absorb. Demand justice, sign petitions, call your local governor or mayor, donate if you can, but it’s time to step up and do something.

We live in an era where ignorance is a choice and not being racist is not enough, it’s time to be informed and anti-racist.

It’s time to stop remaining silent. It’s time to stop turning a blind eye. It’s time to stop trying to not take any sides because it’s not spiritual or whatever bullshit you’ve been programmed with. It’s time to face the situation, take a stand and voice your truth. You do have a voice, you do have the power, now it’s time to use it. If you want a change, you have to be the change.

This is Zion Zeta, always at your service.

The Shadow Military: Black Helicopters After Book Release (Footage and Witnesses)

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Hi everyone! Welcome to another episode of The Spiritual Alien podcast!

So, tonight’s topic is the fifth and NEW episode of the Shadow Military series. Now that you are up to date with the first four episodes from the first Shadow Military series back in 2018, it’s time to move on to the new content that I want to add to this popular series. Because this episode will be featuring video footage at some point, it is suggested that you watch this episode on YouTube over

To continue this series, tonight’s episode is part one of two episodes about the black helicopters once again, but this time however, rather than giving you an explanation on who they are and what they do, I will be taking on the role of the storyteller and I will share with you not one but two stories in which I have seen and caught the black helicopters on video. So, for the first time ever in this podcast, I will be speaking to you not as a host, but as an alien contactee and military abductee. Trust me, there is more to my experiences with the shadow military than just black helicopters, but I want to take it slow.

If you have read my first book “Connecting The Stars” you probably already know what I am referring to here and what I will be sharing next once I am done with the black helicopters. If not, you can read 7 random chapters for free by signing up on and it will be sent directly to your inbox.

Because the stories are lengthy, I have decided to split the episodes so that you can fully absorb the content and have only one focal point. So don’t be greedy.

So, moving on to tonight’s episode, I want to go back to the year of 2016, precisely to the month of May. I had already announced that I was going to launch my book back in early April with a book trailer announcement, but it wasn’t until May that I started to get booked for radio interviews and YouTube series. It was all super fun to do and I connected with some great people, things were going well so, what could possibly go wrong? The proof copy of my book, of course.

It was late May of 2016 and I was super excited when the mailman knocked on my door to hand me over the package that carried my most beloved and first physical creation, my first book! Who would have thought, back in 2014 that only 2 years later I would actually have my very own first book! Of course, it’s not a perfectly edited book, after all, I did it all by myself. The writing, the proofreading and the editing, the cover design, the formatting I actually hired someone but I wasn’t happy with the results, but despite the small things, I was damn happy I was finally about to have it out there once and for all and there was no going back.

When I opened the package, tears of joy suddenly flowed down my face, it was an exciting and emotional moment for my family and myself. They took pictures of me while holding the book and all that good stuff. However, there was a very large problem. The book cover was dark as fuck and I immediately started freaking out because I did not know how long it was going to take me to fix it, let alone how long it would take the company to print and ship it to me AND how long it would take for it to arrive in order to revise it before launching it on the 16th of June. Two weeks ain’t shit especially if you don’t know if the second version will turn out great or just as much of a disaster as the first one.

I went back to my laptop at the time and started to look for a solution. I played around with the software and I managed to fix the book cover, but the biggest question was, is it actually going to work this time? I had to order another proof copy in order to find out. Two weeks passed and I finally got the second proof copy only TWO DAYS before the launch of my book, but indeed the book cover was fixed and I was able to launch it without delays.

However, let’s move on to June 21st. What happened on June 21st? It was a gloriously sunny afternoon and I was with my mother and my aunt chilling out at the pool. Despite being Summer pretty much and all the kids on vacation, no one else was around. I was having a conversation with them, but I heard a buzzing sound approaching the place, so without getting out of the pool I turned around and approached my pool bag to reach out for my towel to dry my hands and get my phone.

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The Shadow Military: Black Helicopters and the Men in Black (Revisited)

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Hi everyone! Welcome to another episode of The Spiritual Alien podcast!

So, tonight’s episode is the fourth episode of The Shadow Military series. Tonight’s episode is about the black helicopters and the men in black. What are the black helicopters and what do they do? Who are the men in black and what do they do?

So moving on to tonight’s episode, if you have read my book “Connecting The Stars” you know more than anyone else that I have seen black helicopters numerous times while living in Puerto Rico, including a black airplane once, and even the men in black! Which ironically, I did not believe in at the time. And yes, I already knew about the men in black after reading a few reports of encounters with them and also after watching one of my favorite episodes from the cancelled TV show “UFO Hunters” which was titled “The Silencers,” but still, I did not believe that the men in black were real. And if they were real, I thought that they must have been exclusive to the United States, since that’s where most if not all the reports I have read were coming from. It made perfect sense to me at age 16 going on 17. And by the way, you can read 7 random chapters for free by signing up on and it will be sent directly to your inbox.

I will get into thorough background stories based on my personal experiences so that you understand where I am coming from with all of this, so take my experiences as examples. I will get into what are the black helicopters and what do they do, as well as the men in black, who they are and what do they do.

Because I did not believe in the men in black or even in the black helicopters at the time, I was chill about everything. I continued to share my astral encounters and interactions on a starseed forum as well as in my own personal blog at the time which I used as an online diary of sorts to collect my experiences. I had many people approach me, to ask me how to astral travel or to know more about my experiences and I would happily answer as best as I could, without any idea of what I was getting myself into.

I spontaneously spotted a black helicopter one day when I was studying at home by myself during the day. In the beginning I thought that it was normal to see helicopters around the area and that I was simply becoming aware of something normal that has always happened around me that I have simply tuned out of and was simply tuning back in and becoming aware of once again.

However, I was simply puzzled over the style and color of the helicopter, as I had never seen one like that before, I was even more puzzled over the fact that the helicopter was flying by silently, when they are ridiculously noisy as fuck. But since I tend to overthink the smaller details, I ignored the black helicopter hovering over the same place for several minutes and I returned to my desk. In case you are wondering, it was a UH-60 Blackhawk, it was literally black with no numbers or symbols in it whatsoever.

The black helicopters increased right after. I would see one flying by every single day, just once a day. But as the weeks went by, it increased to twice a day, until it went up to three and even four times a day. I couldn’t help but think, who the hell were they looking for?! There were no reports on the local news of any criminals on the run, and there was definitely no chupacabra or gargoyle to hunt down at the time. And yes, that was a reference to the latest sightings in Puerto Rico recently.

There were some very interesting incidents that happened later on. Like my blog, which got compromised and hacked, so I lost everything except for the very first astral experience I had to a military base and that one time when I was actually taken to an underground military base. This is only a fraction within one incident out of several incidents that happened in an organized way. It all started with the strange calls at 3:00am…and the men in black.

The black helicopters continued to fly by during the day, and during the night, strange and unidentifiable calls started to happen spontaneously. Every night, my phone would light up, I would check and indeed, someone was calling me! But the calls had no ID in them, sometimes the phone number was nothing but a bunch of zeros and more than ten digits. These calls usually took place between 2:00am and 4:00am. Almost every night. No one ever left a voicemail so I ignored them. Other times they would leave me a voice message but there would be no one talking or leaving a message. I could not call back if I wanted to because my phone would not let me, as these numbers were not valid and could not be called back. During the day, if my aunt or mother called me and I answered the phone there would be a different person on the other end of the line, usually a man. I would quickly hang up, puzzled. I would call either one of them back, only to be greeted by a man. And no, it was not a missing or wrong digit as they were already in my contact list. The worst part was, the same thing would happen to both my mother and my aunt whenever they called me and a man would answer! Everything stopped once the men in black showed up. But before I get into that…

What are the black helicopters?
So do you want the mundane explanation or the wild conspiracy explanation? I’ll give you both, since I go both ways.

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The Shadow Military: What Are MILABS? (Military Abductions) (Revisited)

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Hi everyone! Welcome to another episode of The Spiritual Alien podcast!

So, tonight’s topic is the third episode of a short series that I’ll be diving into about the shadow military. To continue this series, tonight’s episode is about military abductions, also known as MILABs. What is a military abduction and what happens during one? How can you tell the difference between an alien abduction and a military abduction? Do these MILABs happen consciously or subconsciously? And probably most importantly, why do they happen and what is the purpose?

So moving on to tonight’s episode that didn’t make it as the second one in the series but rather as the third one, I believe things happen for a reason. There will be things in this episode that will connect and make even more sense after publishing the previous episode which was an unplanned one that got on the way, so let’s move to the first point, shall we?

What is a military abduction?
A military abduction is a covert operation done by the shadow military where they abduct their target, usually someone who has had some type of extraterrestrial contact whether in a physical or non-physical sense. Many people tend to think that this only happens to those who have had severe types of extraterrestrial contact, like an alien abduction or seeing a spacecraft up close, but not necessarily.

Remember that the shadow military is always looking for information that could serve them and their black ops. Why are you so special? Why are these beings contacting you? What’s the purpose? Are they teaching you how to use something? Are they showing you their technology? Do YOU have abilities that the shadow military could exploit and use to their advantage, say, like remote viewing? The shadow military wants to know all the tea on all of this and more.

If you have read my book “Connecting The Stars” you know that The General and the rest of my galactic family retired at some point when they noticed that their frequent visits were causing the black helicopters to show up more frequently…and eventually, the military abductions. From what I recall, though, these did not take place in a physical sense, so they could have been memories of events that happened years ago or that the shadow military successfully extracted my consciousness out of my body and abducted me in real time. And by the way, you can read 7 random chapters for free by signing up on and it will be sent directly to your inbox.

Now, let’s move to the second point.

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The Shadow Military: How Do They Look Like? (Revisited)

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Hi everyone! Welcome to another episode of The Spiritual Alien podcast!

So, tonight’s topic is the second episode of a short series that I’ll be diving into about the shadow military. To continue this series, tonight’s episode is about how do these shadow military people look like, and if they are human or non-human. And I know, I know that this second episode in the series was supposed to be about military abductions, also known as MILABs.

So moving on to tonight’s episode, you already know what is the shadow military, who are they and what do they do, but how the hell do they even look like? How could I tell the difference? Were they human or non-human? Let’s get started, shall we?

For the sake of this episode, you should become familiar with the term “soldier in black” which I have come up with and will be using in this episode, and perhaps other episodes during this series or after it’s over. A soldier in black is not the same as a SWAT team officer or from any other organization, though.

First. How do they look like?

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Greetings Humans!

I am Zion Zeta. A 3D artist, author of “Connecting The Stars,” tarot reader with a decade of experience, intuitive coach and web/graphic designer. Currently a senior in DeVry University pursuing a Bachelor’s in Multimedia Design and Development. Phew!

This blog is linked to my podcast, The Spiritual Alien, where you can watch, listen + read the episode transcripts all in one place!

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