The Symposium Series: The Starseed Twins

Tune in to listen to Zion Zeta interview the Starseed Twins, Marco Antonio and Miguel Angel Peralta and know more about who they are, what they do, if they have always been aware of “something” beyond this Earth, if they believe they are the same soul divided into two separate human bodies or are actually twin souls, if they have ever experienced discrimination in spiritual circles or other type of spiritual/extraterrestrial event and more!

The StarSeed twins, Marco Antonio and Miguel Angel Peralta are true pioneers of the Ascension process, leaders of the new age higher consciousness movement. They are Teachers of Universal Law, leading and teaching by example, by living and embodying Universal Truth and applying this wisdom to everyday life, in practical ways. They are naturally gifted and their energy work is powerful and precise. Their heightened intuitive senses coupled with their ability to drop into complete surrender makes them work with divine precision, like surgical master healers, as if the divine itself was wearing their hands as surgical gloves and their bodies as a suit, for that is indeed what they are: Instruments of the Divine. Working with them leads to accessing your own deepest and truest source of power, mastery and healing. If you are fortunate enough to cross paths with them, do not take the opportunity for granted.

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The Symposium Series: Gita Rose

Tune in to listen to Zion Zeta interview Gita Rose from and know more about who she is, what she does, how she became a performer in musical theater as well as a yoga teacher later on, how she got started on her spiritual path and channeling journey, who is Bella and what she does as well as how they work together, what’s the difference between the Zetas and the Greys, what types of services she offers and more!

Gita Rose has been a creative intuitive all her life and is now stepping into sharing publicly. The first half of her life she was a performer in musical theater. She graduated from the American Musical Dramatic Academy in New York City. Then the curtain rose and the veils began to part, introducing to her new ways of being a channel and telling stories. Gita offers a range of Intuitive Transformational Activation techniques in sessions that can be personally tailored for each individual. Gita is able to offer intuitive readings to help others activate their own innate abilities. She is also a vocal channel. Gita facilitates Bella, an Extra-Terrestrial Human Hybrid. Bella and Gita are able to offer a wide variety of perspectives and tools to help people connect to more of their own inner contact. Reflections on ways to activate the client’s own ability to be their unique type of channel. Remembering, together, everything we forgot we knew. Gita is also a registered Yoga Alliance 200 hour teacher. She is able to combine asana yoga and meditation concepts in her sessions as well. Take a journey with Gita!

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The Symposium Series: Zach Hayter

Tune in to listen to Zion Zeta interview Zach Hayter from and and know more about who he is, what he does, how he got started on his spiritual path and is in the path of becoming a mentor, if he has interacted with ETs or encountered any UFOs, how he started channeling, his web design and social media marketing services and more!

Zach Hayter provides spiritual, philosophical, and future prediction content, e-learning courses and mentoring.

Zach’s goal is to enrich minds with inspiring information about the highest temporal future realities of 5th dimensional / 4th density New Earth, and showing awakening people healing tools so they can help themselves to process their inner shadows to make their own ascension easier.

For people seeking spiritual guidance regarding;

► Raising your vibration in readiness for The Solar Event
► Trapped emotion / trauma healing for your ascension to the 5th dimension
► Channeled future timeline predictions

Unlike many of the world’s religious teachings which have been distorted over the past few millennia and then dogmatised, Zach Hayter provides timeless spiritual guidance and quantum momentum calculations based on channelled information from benevolent terrestrial and extra-terrestrial beings, from 3D right up to 13D.

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The Symposium Series: Laura Eisenhower

Tune in to listen to Zion Zeta interview Laura Eisenhower from and know more about who she is, what she does, how she got started on her spiritual path, if she has interacted with ETs, what made her go public with her mission and what is her mission about, the attempt to be recruited to Mars, how she deals with haters as a largely known public figure, if she has encountered black helicopters or the men in black, how to deal with and transmute psychic attacks, what services she offers and more!

Laura Eisenhower is a Global Alchemist, Cosmic Mythologist and Intuitive Astrologist. She is also a Whistleblower who has been exposing an attempted recruitment she went through, to take her off planet. She is an internationally acclaimed speaker who has presented her work world wide. Laura is the great-granddaughter of President Dwight David Eisenhower and she reveals Exopolitical information about his administration, that has been largely held in secrecy. She is considered by many to be one of North Americas leading researchers on: Health, Exopolitics, Alchemy, Metaphysics, and Galactic History. Laura works to free us from the 3-D holographic time-loop, False Archonic systems and Military Industrial Complex and exposes hidden agendas so we can take our power back. Feeling a calling regarding her mission since she was a child, she has gained incredible insight through experience, psychic development and research, about how to guide us into higher Earth energies. She has a deep understanding of the Gaia-Sophia and Magdalene energies of love and wisdom and how they connect to the Venus transits and Ascension. Her passion is to inspire unity consciousness and bring us back to the Zero point/Unified field, the totality of our divine powers.

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The Symposium Series: Jonathan C. Martin

Tune in to listen to Zion Zeta interview Jonathan C. Martin from and know more about who he is, what he does, how he got started on his spiritual path, his work as a channeler for the YahYel, who are the YahYel, his coaching services as well as channeling lessons, his interview on VICE and how it happened, projects that he will be working on and more!

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Jonathan is a channel for an extraterrestrial civilization known as the YahYel. The YahYel share information on Spiritual Awakening, Living our Life Purpose and Extraterrestrial Contact. Together with the YahYel Jonathan is currently developing a Contact Ambassadors Program to move humanity towards open contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. He has an Engineering degree from Coventry University and an RHS qualification in gardening (his second passion and parallel career that keeps him firmly grounded on Earth).

Greetings Humans!

I am Zion Zeta. I’m a 26-year-old 3D artist, author of “Connecting The Stars,” tarot reader with 9+ years of experience, intuitive coach and web/graphic designer. Currently a senior in DeVry University pursuing a Bachelor’s in Multimedia Design and Development. Phew!

This blog is linked to my podcast, where I’ll be talking about topics in regards to starseeds and lightworkers, alien contact with your galactic family and hybrid children, cosmic energy updates, divination and channeling, dreams and astral travel, chakras and meditation, crystal healing, spirit guides and angels and much more!


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