In this blooming journey we will join forces. This program is designed for you if you are truly ready to write, create, publish and unleash your book into the world!!

I utilize every skill I have learned along the way from my journey of previously self-publishing my own book “Connecting The Stars“, to facilitate your own self-publishing process.

I will hold your hand as you journey through the exciting path of becoming a self-published author and release your powerful and unique message into the world!

I only do this type of work with a few select people. The smaller the circle the more I can provide you with personal attention.

Book Bloom is my most exclusive and sacred offering as of yet and I want YOU to be a part of it too!!


Are you READY to make your book BLOOM?!

What we will dive into together:

  • Week 1: The Book Cover: Grab Them by the Eyeballs
  • Week 2: The Title and Topic: Why Should I Buy your Book?
  • Week 3: Building Buzz: Marketing Tips and Tricks!
  • Week 4: Self-Publishing: It’s Launch Time!

This exclusive package includes:

  • Introductory 2-hour recorded Skype video call to go over questions and doubts (A $390 value!)
  • Weekly 60-minute recorded Skype video calls covering a specific topic (A $1,170 total value!)
  • Weekly video tutorials with fun exercises and assignments to do
  • Accountability through video call check-ins and email support
  • BONUS: A 3D ClairvoyArt book cover!!! (A $250 value!)

This program runs for 6 weeks, there will be 4 weeks of deep work and 2 weeks of integration to fully absorb all the material learned.

Invest in Yourself!

Package Price $600

Payment plan available.

I am Ready!

Want Something More Simple AND LAID BACK?

I offer one on one Skype sessions where you can connect with me for a card reading session!! These can be turned into intuitive coaching sessions as well. There are various topics that we can discuss, so click below for more information!


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