Channeler and Healer

All I can say is WOW – this commission was so on point and hit me right in the feels. I was in awe of Zion’s digital artwork for a while and so I finally took the plunge and ordered a commission, eager to see which of my guides would come through.

When I saw my photo for the first time I was in shock because not only do I feel a very deep connection to the hybrids – my first contact experience was with a being that highly resembled the “Adventurous Hybrid” that Zeta connected to, but a male version. Like an identical twin – and this is a being that is very unique/not a typical hybrid. They both look very human but have large black eyes! I have never seen anything like them before. So this was a huge confirmation that what I had experienced was indeed real and that I was connecting with these hybrids!

Then when I read the channeled bit I was in tears because I could feel her energy through the words. It is quite funny, because her personality is very much like mine! Now looking back on the channeled portion I can see that even more of the information that came through is starting to make sense, as I have a lot of synchronicity with the things she shared with me.

I highly recommend that anyone use Zion’s commission work, not only for the gorgeous hyper-realistic artwork that really paints a crystal clear image of these beings that are a part of us, but also anyone who wants to connect with a very clear channel, as Zion brings through very specific information that can assist you in your spiritual journey.

I cannot thank you enough Zion for helping to strengthen this connection for me, I am so grateful.

Meashenu Light

Energy Healer


After I had received the portrait and notes from Z I had an easy time connecting to my Pleiadian aspect. The art really helped me do that and have a visualization & energy to hold with my eyes closed, in meditation, and in my heart space. I’m very grateful to my higher self and the Pleiadians and look forward to further experiences and interactions with them. 🙂 I’m also grateful to spirit to guiding me to Z & to her for the amazing artwork and introduction to my Pleiadian self. 🙂

Link to full experience shared on his blog can be accessed here.

We love you for who you are, what you do and how you do it. Your energetic self, honesty, charisma and witty personality as well as how caring and patient you are during a ClairvoyArt session and the excellent service you provide are only a few reasons why you are an inspiration! Don’t let anything make you change, always be yourself and you will go far!

Thank you for sharing all of these amazing portraits and the detailed stories behind them with all of us! You are helping us to be more understanding of certain ET races and how there’s both “good” and “bad” in all of them just like us. You are helping us all to open our hearts and shed our fears towards those who are service to others that may not look so appealing to us with your depictions and experiences behind them, so thank you!



I want to commission you. How much do you charge?
It’s $600 USD per portrait that features one figure.
The price will be higher depending on how many other figures you want included in one portrait, several portraits, or if you want a self-portrait.


What type of 3D ClairvoyArt work do you do?
Simple. You have two options:
1) You are free to allow me to tune in to your energy.
2) Specific instructions for a specific being or self-portrait.


How long does it take for a single commission to be completed?
One week. Sometimes more or less.


What is the process after booking a spot for a commission with you?
I will send you an email to the email address you specify when you book a spot with me below to ask you for further details so I can begin to work on your portrait(s).


Do I get a free reading along with the portrait(s) that I commissioned?
No. Sometimes they may give me information to pass along to you, sometimes they prefer to contact you directly. So readings are optional and don’t happen all the time.


Do you have payment plans available?
No. Unless it’s a project that consists of more than one figure that you wish to have depicted based on your own instructions, in which case a payment plan option will become available for you.

Do you have a waitlist?
Check my calendar by clicking the large button above to see my most up-to-date schedule to see if there are any slots open.

I am interested in hiring you to do several portraits that will be shown in a book / conference / TV show / other media.
A WhatsApp phone call or Skype / Zoom video conference would be best, but you will have to contact me below so we can exchange details, set a date and further discuss about this, custom quotes and get to know each other before proceeding.

I would like to use your existing work for a book / conference / TV show / other media.
Half of my artwork are paid commissions for other people and using any of my artwork, whether personal or paid commissions, without my permission for financial gain can result in legal action against you from my part.

You may contact me first for permission if you would like to share my artwork and I will instruct you accordingly so that you can avoid this. However, it would be best to commission me and have various portraits done based on your specific needs or for a specific project.



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