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Hi everyone! Welcome to another episode of the Spiritual Alien Podcast.

So, to continue this series to help you Get Your Shit Together, this episode is about looking back to review your goals for 2019 and find out what worked as well as what didn’t work. Tonight I want you to whip out your phone or notepad with pen or pencil and take some notes with me. While you do that, you can pause me and I’ll wait for you or you can stay with me as I continue with the brief introduction before moving on to some questions that I want you to ask yourself.

At the end of every year, most of us make resolutions, write down goals and make a list of the things we wish to achieve when the New Year ends. Some of us achieve our goals and others don’t. Regardless of where you fall into, it’s always a good thing to look back and review your year to see if you have achieved those goals or not. I have noticed that people make resolutions for the New Year, but they don’t review at the end of that year what goals they achieved, what has worked for them and what has not worked for them. Whether they have achieved anything or not, they don’t look back to see what worked and what didn’t. How the fuck are you supposed to know what you need to work on if you don’t review your resolutions list to see which goals you missed?

Zion Zeta has entered the chat.

Alright, I hope you’re ready and if you’re not, how DARE you. Anyways! First question, what were my goals for 2019? List them all down. While you do that, I’ll share mine. My only goal for 2019 was to chill the fuck down and take things slow, to rest more and do less. Did I achieve my goal? NO. I was stressed the fuck out in campus during the first few months of 2019.

After dropping out in September of this year, I did enjoy some time off to myself, however, I started some projects and became involved in others that I either abandoned or teamed up with people to help them with theirs. I can’t help it. I love to create and many people have a problem with that, they can’t stand seeing me creating. I had an ex-friend tell me once “I feel like your projects are more important than me.” well no shit buddy. I may be a Pisces but I am a Capricorn dominant, I am a go-go-go person, I like to work towards my dreams and no one in this damn society will ever stop me. So, the time off that I was supposed to have, I have gladly spent it working on exciting projects. Also, have you written down your 2019 goals yet? Or did you get distracted with my chatter? I thought so.

I hope you’re ready because I will move on to the second question. Which goals did I accomplish in 2019? List them all down. While you do that, I’ll share mine, which are none. My only goal in 2019 was to rest more, but 2019 has been one of the busiest years in the past 3 years so far. So I have nothing to tell you. And because I have nothing to tell you — you may be in a similar situation if you didn’t reach your goals — I will move on to the third question.

Which goals were NOT accomplished in 2019? List them all down. While you do that, I’ll share mine, which are several. I have three projects that I’ve been working on and that I was supposed to release this year, but it was not the time for any of them, especially since they have to go in order, for reasons that I will not mention otherwise I will reveal the type of projects that they are. Another thing was to be more consistent with the podcast this year, but I was only able to be slightly more consistent once November arrived, which in my head doesn’t count. I have three more things relating to my personal life that I didn’t accomplish either. But you might wonder, what do I do now if I didn’t accomplish these things this year? Well, prepare yourself for the fourth and final question.

Which unaccomplished 2019 goals can I move on to my 2020 goals? It’s as simple as that. If you weren’t able to do much or achieve some goals this year, move them to the next. So, which goals that you didn’t achieve in 2019 will be making an appearance in your 2020 goals? It’s perfectly fine if your 2020 resolutions list has goals from the year before mixed in with new ones, or if it’s the same list as this year. It’s no one’s fucking problem especially if they aren’t helping you achieve them.

I am sure you will make me a very common question, such as what to do if you didn’t achieve your goals for 2019. Stay tuned for the next episode where I will be clarifying this and will provide you with some pointers!

Let me know if you make a 2020 resolutions list by commenting on my Spiritual Alien graphics across social media with the title of this episode, I would love to see your 2020 resolutions! Better yet, share a picture of your resolutions list and tag me so I can see it!

Don’t forget, that as always, at the end of the series you will receive your FREE e-Book checklist and guidebook which you can download and receive my occasional emails once in a blue moon.

So, that concludes the purpose of this episode, I wanted to thank you so much for joining me in The Spiritual Alien podcast, make sure you follow me on Facebook @ TheSpiritualAlien and on Instagram @ zionzeta.

Take care and I’ll speak to you soon!

This is Zion Zeta, always at your service!

Barefoot Running Sandals by Xero Shoes

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