Hi everyone! Welcome to another episode of the Spiritual Alien Podcast.

So, to continue this series to help you Get Your Shit Together, this episode is about time management and limiting your time on social media through your electronic devices. For the sake of simplicity in this episode, I will be referring to one device in particular, the smartphone, however this can be applicable to any other device you may be having issues with.

You spend endless hours on your phone or computer scrolling mindlessly through your Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter, or watching lots and lots of videos on YouTube and then you realize that an hour has gone by. Sounds familiar?

This is exactly what was happening to me with Facebook as I mentioned in the previous episode.

At the time I knew about apps for your smartphone, tablet or computer that lock you either out of those apps or block the websites in your computer browser, but I wanted to be simple in my social media detox, so I didn’t install anything anywhere. I have self control so I didn’t feel the need. However, what if you need a little extra bonus to help you push through your social media detox?

Tonight I would like to share with you some alternatives to help you on your challenge of detaching from your electronic devices so that you can get your shit together and get things done once and for all.

  1. Separate Ways
    • Put your phone a couple of feet away from your desk, this will stop you from constantly checking it and you won’t miss an important text or call from your parents, kids if you have any, from a job interview or other important or emergency call. If somebody else can take care of things for you and you have the freedom to be fully unreachable for a while, you can put your phone in another room, this will unmotivate you from standing up to walk to the other room just to get your phone or tablet.
  2. Find Another Activity
    • Get up and stretch! Do yoga or meditate. Read a book or listen to an audiobook. Walk around your house or apartment complex if the weather is nice. Take in the sunlight or bathe in the moonlight, put a curse on your loud neighbors — wait, scratch that, nevermind that last one, these alternatives and others that you come up with will help keep your mind off of your time wasters and it’s during these moments of silence that inspiration sparks.
  3. Unfollow People and Influencers
    • This will sound rough but unfriend toxic people or unfollow them depending where you are, including family and friends who do nothing but complain or share gruesome pictures of animal abuse or what have you, or are highly political, basically anyone who does not contribute anything beneficial, this includes influencers as well who are obsessed with their appearance, money and fame, which can instill feelings of self-hatred, self-esteem issues, envy and jealousy in some people. Also, unfollow people and influencers who are always involved in drama. Drama is highly addictive and it is a huge distraction that prevents you from being productive. You can always watch people finding hair on their Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star palette later. If you like entertainment then schedule it for another time, not when you’re supposed to be productive.
  4. Push Notifications
    • When you switch off push notifications on your phone, you will no longer receive notifications unless you go to the app. Your phone will not light up with a notification and thus will help you forget about social media. I do this with time wasters, not emergency apps such as text messaging or phone calls because only my family has access to me that way.
  5. Monthly Social Sabbaticals
    • Schedule a day, week or month away from one or more social media sites. Sometimes we have to be rough and go to the root of the issue and rip it off so that we can have fresh ground for new seeds with new possibilities. To do this, you can either deactivate your social pages if possible or simply leave an announcement and remove all apps from all of your devices. You will feel reborn, renewed, charged, focused and ready when you return. This is a great time to journal your thoughts and see how you change and grow during this experience.

Let me know if you do this challenge and what you achieved by commenting on my Spiritual Alien graphics across social media with the title of this episode, I would love to know if you did the challenge and what you may have discovered! Better yet, repost the graphic with the title of this episode and tag me so I can see it!

Don’t forget, that as always, at the end of the series you will receive your FREE e-Book checklist and guidebook which you can download and receive my occasional emails once in a blue moon.

So, that concludes the purpose of this episode, I wanted to thank you so much for joining me in The Spiritual Alien podcast, make sure you follow me on Facebook @ TheSpiritualAlien and on Instagram @ zionzeta.

Take care and I’ll speak to you soon!

This is Zion Zeta, always at your service!

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