Hi everyone! Welcome to another episode of the Spiritual Alien Podcast.

So…I dropped out of DeVry University.

Now, before I begin, you might be wondering; where the hell have I been, what has been going on, why did I abandon the podcast yet again, did I raid Area 51, did I clap some alien cheeks, and why is dropping out of university part of this series to help you Get Your Shit Together? Well, this second episode was supposed to be about my experience without Facebook for 21 days, but that episode has been moved on to the next one for next week, because this episode is about holding other people accountable so that they also get their shit together.

I have to admit, this episode was not planned, as I mentioned a list of potential topics to explore in the previous episode. However, life’s sudden obstacles inspired me to bring you a different perspective. Because like I mentioned, sometimes it’s other people that need to get their shit together. Tonight’s episode is going to be a Summer recap, so you can either skip and wait until the next episode, or grab some snacks with a drink, bundle up and tune in.

Where have I been and what has been going on? Do not expect me to tell you that I traveled to Bali, had smoothies for breakfast, shoved kale up my ass to detox or that I meditated inside a volcano. In fact, I have been studying all summer like usual, except this time it is my final year in Uni. I was supposed to graduate in September, but not any longer after what happened next.

You may remember me mentioning in a previous episode something about a conflict I had in January with an incompetent professor and the class with outdated material; a book from 2015 and video tutorials from 2012. That’s it in a nutshell. But I believe I mentioned this back in late May of this year in a life update episode.

So, I was lined up for the second part of that class with him again and I was not willing to go through the same hell again. I did not know if the material had been updated or not but I didn’t give a shit. So I wanted to drop out from his class.

I was given two warnings by one of my advisors; one, that I was going to run out of my student loan; and two, that by being enrolled less than part-time that I would no longer qualify for financial aid and that I will have to pay out of pocket for this final class. So I agreed and dropped out from that class in July for another one in September with a different professor and remained with a single class for the rest of summer. This delayed my graduation until next year, but it made me very happy.

HOWEVER, September arrives, so does the second part of the class that is now my final class before I graduate. I am very happy and so excited to finally get this shit done and over with. There’s a new professor, she’s sweet and kind, she seems helpful too, I am so freaking pumped to get started, it’s going to be a lit semester! Right? WRONG.

What’s the first thing I see when I login to my Uni portal? The damned outdated material and the 2019 software staring back at me. I emailed my new professor “How will we succeed in a class with outdated material?” and she replied to me “A majority of the material you will have to Google, but I will provide some tutorials.”

I smiled although I almost flipped the desk. So you’re telling me that I will pay $75K to a University where I get told by a professor to Google things simply because they don’t have their shit together and fail to provide updated learning content? If I wanted to waste my time looking things up online in order to learn then I would have never enrolled in the first place and I would have saved all that money.

I confronted my main advisor about this issue — again. She spoke with the Dean of my campus and after some back and forth, her response from the Dean was that they would update everything by next year. We both agreed that this didn’t solve my issue right then, in early September, so my advisor did not know how to help me or what to do with me, but I did.

“I want to drop out from DeVry.” Seven words I never expected to say in the past 4 years were said on the 7th of September. Yes, a Saturday. Her response was shock and disbelief.

“I guess we can drop you out but I would not like to do that. You are so close to finishing your year and getting your Bachelors degree!” Even though I understood her position, I remained firm in my decision. It is important that once you have analyzed everything and have arrived to a conclusion that you do not hold back or change your mind at the last minute.

“I cannot take a class where nothing matches. I didn’t understand the first part, how will I even understand the second part, on top of that with outdated material?”

“Students that dropout usually leave because they typically are not doing well academically, but you are an outstanding student.” She tried to convince me to stay in a class where I knew I would fail for the second time because of them and not because of my own stupidity, but again I remained firm.

“I know my potential and my limits, and after my first experience I know what to expect now.” So she had no choice but to agree, and although she was baffled and saddened with my decision, she proceeded to remove me from the system.

I was then told to not log in to their portal or to show up at my campus until I was fully removed from their system, because if I did it could trigger their system that I am assisting because I am an active student and whatnot. And after a week, I received an email from the university itself, it was now official.

Zion Zeta is a university dropout! For now.

However, I am not sad at all. In fact, I am very happy with my choice and with the fact that I will have a couple of months to rest and prepare, as I will return to obtain my Bachelors degree, but it is unclear when. I will have time to drop more podcast episodes and wrap up some projects that I plan on releasing at some point, so I can’t give you hints or dates, this time I will take everyone by surprise.

Now, some people may say that I am not a real dropout because I will eventually return to take one final class to obtain my degree, but ask me if I give a shit. Don’t let other people minimize your situation. I dropped out until they get their shit together. It is not convenient to a business or academic organization for people to leave and ditch their job or degrees, so when you think about it, the one affected is the system, not you, if you can somehow support yourself later on, of course.

Why am I sharing all of this with you? Because it doesn’t matter if you graduated or you dropped out, at the end of the day, it’s a costly paper that may or may not help you to find a job, it does not assure you a reserved spot in the place you dream of working at, and I learned this when it was already too late and now the bank is breathing over my neck as I am on my grace period. I knew this costly shitfest would happen, but I was peer-pressured and I was the only one hesitant about enrolling in a college or a university.

The thing is, before enrolling, I knew it would be costly. I knew that an expensive paper would not secure me a job position anywhere at any time in my life. I knew I would regret enrolling in a university. I knew I could learn online for free. But peer-pressure fucked me up, I started doubting myself after having analyzed everything and having a conclusion, I started doubting and I changed my mind at the last minute. Do you see the pattern here?

Now with this whole issue with these two classes that I have been battling with since January, it led me to a decision that I already had in mind back in March when the semester of the first class ended and my mental health had deteriorated. This time however, I did not back down and I remained firm in my choice of dropping out.

So whatever your choice is, whether never enrolling, or choosing a small technical college, or going to a big university, or dropping out, or graduating, or what have you, make sure that you sit down with yourself because only you know what is best for you and your mental health, and talk about this with those around you, explain to them your analysis, your reasons and conclusions so that they understand your decision.

Whether they choose to support you or not, be ready for both, as families can be quite tricky. If they choose to not listen to your side, if they refuse to hear you and ignore you and talk over you while you’re trying to explain, proceed with your decision. Stick to it. Remember that not everyone in life wants to see you succeed, and sometimes that includes friends and family members as well.

However, sometimes we are forced to do something against our will due to life’s circumstances, for example; not going to college or dropping out of high school because you had to support your family from a young age. And that’s all right, however, it is never too late if that is one of your dreams. I know so many people who have dropped out or have chosen to not pursue further education after high school, I have also met people on campus who are in their 40s and 50s and are finally pursuing a degree! It is never too late to begin or to start over again.

Why did I abandon the podcast? Due to being busy dealing with this issue as well as other personal and family problems, however, they are all non-threatening, so there is no need to worry. Unfortunately, they have all consumed a lot of my time and energy, making me unable to take care of my own things in a timely manner. I am also a freelancer so I do various projects on the side as well, so when everything piles up once I stop to shift my attention elsewhere it can be quite difficult to get back to and manage, especially if you lack the inspiration to create.

Now, I am sure you are wondering…did I raid Area 51? Did I Naruto run? Did I clap alien cheeks? The answer is no. Why? Because I am an alien, so I clap other alien cheeks all the time during the night. Or so they say! The internet is a wild place. I recently posted a picture on my Instagram next to a painted wall depicting symbols from Las Vegas, so there were people who thought that I was in Las Vegas and going to Area 51, but I didn’t. Not for now. So that was a funny coincidence.

Moving on to the final part of this episode, I want to tell you something radically different from the topic that I shared with you tonight, although in some way it is related. My career after DeVry will not be in graphic design. Why do I share this with you? Because the content of the podcast itself as I mentioned previously will change, it already is changing and part of this change in direction is because of my career and what I will be doing in my future job, it is not just because I want to bring you new content and different perspectives, but also because I have to.

If I tell you what corporation I will work for, I would be exposing my actual location and I do not need stalkers, as this corporation is not common and it deals with aerospace, defense and security, so there are background investigations involved, including mental and physical evaluations. No, it’s not the Space Force! So in a nutshell, I have to calm down with the shadow government stuff. To be honest, I do not know why I need to jump through many hoops just to work at a corporate office, but defense and security are no joke, and I do not want to come across as a terrorist for openly speaking about conspiracies.

The reason why I also share this with you is because I like to be open about some aspects of my life, so I felt the need, the responsibility to tell you what is going on, so that you understand why I sometimes disappear for so long as well as why some things are changing, but trust me, they are changing for the better, you will see.

Stay tuned for the next episode; 21 Days without Facebook. Did it work? Did I failed? Why did I do it? And what happened? All of that and more will be covered next time. Don’t forget, that as always, at the end of the series you will receive your FREE e-Book checklist and guidebook which you can download and receive my occasional emails once in a blue moon.

So, that concludes the purpose of this episode, I wanted to thank you so much for joining me in The Spiritual Alien podcast, make sure you follow me on Facebook @ TheSpiritualAlien as well as @ZZ.ClairvoyArt, and on Instagram @ zionzeta. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel by going to zionzeta.com/youtube for the podcast archives and future videos.

Take care and I’ll speak to you soon!

This is Zion Zeta, always at your service!

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