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Hi everyone! Welcome to another episode of the Spiritual Alien Podcast.

So, we’re all under quarantine! But have no fear, because Zion Zeta is here!

Before I get into this episode, I want to invite you to stay until the very end, because there is something I want to share with you, but you have to listen to this episode in full because otherwise you might miss it!

So, who would have thought that I would be in my pajamas during the apocalypse. Speaking of which, I’ve never seen any Resident Evil movies but yet I can still feel that eerie vibe of the end of the world and being the only human alive, although I’m sure that’s not how those movies went. This is probably because this was a recurrent dream that I used to have during my childhood years up until my teenage years. This is probably not going to help you feel less anxious but it wasn’t anything too crazy. Before I get into the content of this episode, I want to share with you a bit of storytime regarding my dreamtime with a familiar group that I know you will recognize eventually and the reason why I decided to share it with you now.

I kept dreaming of knowing to not breathe if I went outside and to wear a gas mask because if I didn’t, I would suffocate immediately. Well, that’s probably a bit too crazy. But anyways. The days were hazy and the sun was bleak, giving the environment around me a sicklish yellow hue, I say sicklish because the type of hue made me feel sick to my stomach, it wasn’t even a bright yellow to begin with and seeing everything around me in the same tone; cars, roads, buildings, trees and so on all made me feel sick to my stomach, as if it was a visual sign that everything was infected. The crazy part that made me most anxious was the fact that I was alone, I had no idea what happened to the rest of the population. Well, I kinda did, but I had hope that everyone was just hiding.

The scenario was always the same, I would realize I was alone and that I could not just go outside without a gas mask, but that I couldn’t stay there for long because a group of men from the government were searching and looking for me. Now mind you these were dreams when I was maybe 7 or 8 years old up until when I was 17 years old, only a few months after my spiritual awakening. Back when I was a kid I didn’t understand who these men were in my dreams, all I knew was that I couldn’t trust them and that I had to run away and hide from them. They were men in black suits, they all wore black sunglasses, they all looked alike and what puzzled me at the time was their skin tone, I knew they were not normal men yet I could not understand why I felt that way…or why they looked that way and why they were looking for me.

I was never caught in any of these dreams, until the last dream at some point when I was 17, shortly after my spiritual awakening. I had the same dream in the same city, same bleak sun, same yellow hue all around me, same emptiness, same silence, but I was standing in middle of the road, I was surrounded by four black cars with blacked out windows and these men in black started to come out of their cars. I knew I was not going to survive. It was then that I understood why I was having all those recurrent dreams for all those years. They wanted to infect me. So, they rounded me up, two held me from the arms, two more held me up from the legs, lifting me off the ground so I would not kick the man standing in the middle — now standing between my legs — and he proceeded to remove my gas mask, which is when I then suffocated slowly with a strange greenish substance in the air that solidified when it entered through my nostrils, completely blocking me from breathing, I started mouth breathing but it touched my tongue and again it solidified, turning into some sort of foam, crawling down my throat, giving me a bitter and poisonous taste while at the same time it tightened my throat, until I lost consciousness and I woke up.

It has been 10 years since I last had a dream like that. It’s my first time talking about this type of recurrent dream. I never really put any attention to them or told any friends about them, because they were irrelevant to me. I thought they were inspired by zombie movies even though I never watched any, so, I don’t know.

The reason why I am sharing this with you tonight is because I want to make a point. When you are experiencing anxiety, it is very important that you speak up about it so that others know what is troubling you or what is the cause behind what is troubling you. In my case, yeah it was just a silly dream, but a recurrent one, which began to affect me later on as I grew older. Now that I am finally speaking about it, I feel like I am moving through the anxiety and bringing this part of me to a conclusion, especially now with my Saturn return. I feel that with what’s going on around in the world right now, it’s a permission slip for me to come to terms with past traumas and haunting memories and bring them to their end.

I want you to take a deep breath and think back on your life. What needs to be brought to a conclusion? What needs to end? What needs to change? Now with everyone under quarantine, we all have way more time than we thought we ever would and it’s perfectly normal to panic especially if you are like my family where they all lost their jobs for 3 weeks and will not get paid. But after you panic and let it all out, I want you to come back to center, to yourself. By breathing.

I want you to keep breathing, I mean, you kinda have to anyways, right? But what I mean is, breathe consciously, be aware of each breath you take in and release.

While you do that, tonight I want to share with you 10 easy ways for you to amuse yourself or keep yourself entertained during the apocalypse, I mean, quarantine. The best part? All of these can be done for free.

So here are 10 ideas of what you can do right now:

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