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Hi everyone! Welcome to another episode of The Spiritual Alien Podcast!

For this episode, I will be interviewing Hezekiah Chatmon! If you are listening on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher or on another platform, it is recommended that you watch this interview on YouTube, at

Disclaimer: This episode will piss you off if you are a racist pig, or if you are white, or Christian, or are not tolerant towards people with opposite beliefs to you such as Satanists, or if you are not open to topics that need to be spoken about such as white supremacy, white privilege, racism and discrimination in the mundane world and spiritual community, because you are a New Ager who prefers to live in a bubble where nothing is real and problems don’t exist.

I, Zion Zeta, host of The Spiritual Alien Podcast, am honored to finally speak with a man of color who can feel free and comfortable to speak about topics that are controversial yet not often spoken about in the spiritual community and mundane world.

Because the opportunity is not often given if at all to people of color to voice their truth and be heard, I have chosen to step back and allow my guest to speak his truth. You will notice me taking on the role of the listener, rather than talking your and the guest’s ears off.

This first interview is 3 hours long, so you better get a bunch of snacks and drinks. Many things were left out but we will have a second interview where we will perhaps revisit some of the points we touched on in this first part as well as address topics regarding his ET contact and experiences, the shadow military and the black helicopters, and I’m sure that there will be more that will be shared in that interview as well.

So, who is Hezekiah Chatmon? Hezekiah is a psychic medium, sorcerer, and ET abductee.

At the age of three, he became aware that he could hear and see things that other people couldn’t.  It wasn’t until his teenage years that he understood that he possesses the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and physical mediumship.  Throughout his journey he has assisted people in alleviating depression, childhood trauma’s, and providing closure through messages from their deceased Loved Ones.


Barefoot Running Sandals by Xero Shoes

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