Intuitive Portraits start at $600 and Self-Portraits start at $800.

Here is where you can see my availability for a 3D ClairvoyArt commission in the next few months ahead!

By giving you an “over-the-shoulder” look at my calendar, this way you can see when I am available and book a spot with me ahead of time yet at your convenience!


What type of 3D ClairvoyArt work do you do?
Simple. You have two options:
1) You are free to allow me to tune in to your energy.
2) Specific instructions for a specific being or self-portrait.


How long does it take for a single commission to be completed?
One week. Sometimes more or less.


What is the process after booking a spot for a commission with you?
I will send you an email to the email address you specify when you book a spot with me below to ask you for further details so I can begin to work on your portrait(s).


Do I get a free reading along with the portrait(s) that I commissioned?
No. Sometimes they may give me information to pass along to you, sometimes they prefer to contact you directly. So readings are optional and don't happen all the time.

Note: Read the Terms before purchasing.

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