Coca Cola Jar Spell




This very simple Coca Cola jar spell can be used to sweetly dissolve a connection between two people or a sticky situation that you may be involved in. This work is great for separating two people that shouldn’t be together in a peaceful way without causing harm or conflicts between each other.

This jar spell consists of Coca Cola and other ingredients to customize it to your situation using oils, salts, herbs and a seven-day candle anointed with various oils, salts and herbs as well as a petition written specifically for you. All I need is a picture of you, your name and date of birth, as well as of the other person if applicable or the situation you want dissolved. You will receive a high quality picture of the spell.

The Coca Cola jar spell along with the candle are worked for seven days and then offered to the Earth, somewhere safe in nature, so that the work is sealed and can last permanently.

Note: Read the Terms before purchasing.


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