Dream Recall Candle Spell




If you have been unable to remember your dreams and you would like to recall your dreams as well as become lucid in them, then a dream recall candle spell is for you. It will assist in the form of total recall and lucidity as well as trigger the possibility of astral projection if that is something you wish to explore and experience.

These spells consist of a seven-day purple candle anointed with various oils, salts, lavender and Amethyst crystals as well as a petition written specifically for you. All I need is a picture of you, your name and date of birth, as well as what type of intention you want for this candle work. You will receive a high quality picture of the spell.

The dream recall candle spell is worked for seven days and then offered to the Earth, somewhere safe in nature, so that the work is sealed and can last permanently.

Note: Read the Terms before purchasing.


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