Eleggua Road Opening Ritual




If you are in need of a road opener in an aspect of your life, in romance, health, career, finances and so on, if you feel that your situation has become stagnant and nothing is moving forward for you, then this ritual is for you. Eleggua, if he finds you pure of heart and of intentions, he will grant your plea and open the way for you to more abundance (in various forms) and success.

This is a one-month ritual that consists of four seven-day candles anointed with various oils, salts, herbs and offerings to Eleggua as well as a petition written specifically for you. All I need is a picture of you, your name and date of birth, as well as what type of intention you want for this ritual to Eleggua. You will receive a high quality picture of the offering to Eleggua.

The Eleggua ritual is worked for one month and then offered to the Earth, somewhere safe in nature, so that the work is sealed and can last permanently.

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