Pendulum Divination (PDF)




If you are seeking clarification or confirmation in regards to a topic, person, situation or environment, then a pendulum reading is for you. You can make the pendulum up to three questions and it can give you a few different answers, usually and mostly “Yes” or “No” though at times if neither is a convenient answer it can answer with “Not Now,” “Can’t Answer” or “Maybe.”

Pendulum readings are good for questions that you want a direct answer for, like a clarification or confirmation of something before proceeding, but other than that the pendulums don’t really give a lot of detail unlike a card reading, so a pendulum reading is not convenient for extensive, complicated, sensitive subjects, in which case an in-depth card reading can reveal the gray areas that the pendulums tend to skip over.

Pendulums are symmetrical crystals suspended on a metal chain used in divination for simple and direct answers. My pendulum is made out of amethyst and is programmed to answer with “Yes,” “No,” “Not Now,” “Can’t Answer” and “Maybe.”

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