Sour Jar Spell




A sour jar can be used to bring toxic relationships or friendships to an end, to get rid of damaging types of people who can be persistent and won’t go away or simply are a bad influence around you or a loved one. It can also help with detaching from someone you still have feelings for but is damaging for you so you can forget about them, heal and move on.

If this is someone who poses a potential threat to you or those you know, contact your local authorities ASAP and forget about purchasing a spell. Spells are energy boosters but not certified miracles.

My jars usually consist of vinegar, hot peppers, milk and other ingredients to customize it to your situation using oils, salts, herbs and includes a seven-day candle anointed with various oils, salts and herbs as well as a petition written specifically for you. You will receive a high quality picture of the spell.

The sour jar along with the candle are worked for seven days and then offered to the Earth, somewhere safe in nature, so that the work is sealed and can last permanently.

Note: Read the Terms before purchasing.


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