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During a card reading with me I will be looking into your energy field to extract information that your higher self, star family, spirit guides and angels would like to provide you with and bring to your awareness. The session lasts 30 minutes and will be delivered in video format, this is an efficient and budget-friendly way of receiving guidance on-the-go.

A card reading is not fortune-telling, which gives people an expectation of certainty. Sometimes the guidance is clear and concise, while at other times profound wisdoms can be applied as a tool for you to use. A card reading is not a “cheat sheet” to life, but they provide ways to better understand yourself, the situations and the environment around you, and that is exactly what these readings can assist you with.

Popular Topics Discussed:

  • Galactic Star Family
  • Astral Traveling
  • Dream Interpretation, Dreams and Lucid Dreaming
  • Starseeds, Indigos, Rainbow and Crystal Souls
  • Communicating with your Higher Self and Guides
  • Angelic and Higher Realm Contact and Communication
  • Extraterrestrials and Alien Abductions
  • Hybrid Children and the Hybridization Program
  • Tuning In to Your Highest Excitement and Discovering your Life Purpose
  • Starting your own online Spiritual Business
  • MILABs (Military Abductions), Black Helicopters and Shadow Military
  • Etheric Implants and Removal
  • Self-Love, Love, Romance and Relationships
  • And much more!

Sessions with me are not passive experiences where you simply receive information about your future. There are many intuitive readers out there who can provide that experience for you, and even though I am one myself, that is no longer my focus.

Working with me is different.

This work is done with the awareness that you are a creator, that you have choices about your journey and that you can change your outcome by acting in the present. The awareness that depending on the choices you make as a result of the information that you receive in our time together, you have the option to create an outcome that enhances your life experience for yourself, and enhances the world too.

I prefer to work with people who both have a spiritual connection AND who are doing grounded, real, beneficial work in the world and are willing to take action in order to bring the desired results and intentions into physical manifestation.

Note: Read the Terms before purchasing.


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