“Allow Me to Heal You” | 6/14/20

“Allow Me to Heal You” | 6/14/20

Commission for Tracy. (1 of 3)

There is so much information from all three portraits that I honestly don’t know where to begin. So I will try with the first portrait to come through, “Allow Me to Heal You.”

This lovely Pleiadian lady is an Atlantean high priestess. She is a healer and a powerful magician, you could say, a witch. She uses her magick to heal those who come to her for help. She uses her skills as an oracle to provide advice to those who seek her guidance. There is something about Reiki being mentioned here and I don’t know if that’s relevant to you, to perhaps take on a modern approach to healing in order to assist yourself and others. I see her living in Ireland, I keep hearing “Celtic” over and over, so it is likely that you had a past life in Ireland, since she is an extension of your Higher Self.

I see glimpses of a lady with red hair and emerald-green eyes that pull you in. You have been a healer many times in different past lives with different selves/aspects, mostly female. It is said that those who always have very warm/hot hands are healers, but I believe that it depends on the person’s true self and life purpose.

In the first portrait you can see your Higher Self in the island, while in the second portrait it’s from a different angle, in the temple where she works her magick.


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June 14, 2020

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