“Astral Projection” | 9/4/20

“Astral Projection” | 9/4/20

As a follow up to my 10th anniversary with Anubis and 100th portrait, I wanted to share another way that I connect with Anubis, which has been more common and consistent compared to other methods including meditation, which is astral projection.

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There really is no background story to this portrait in particular, but what I will share is this. It was inspired and is based on my personal experiences with him, just like my previous portrait where I am meditating with him and his energy.

Astral projection has always been a natural ability of mine since I was a child and is a huge part of my interactions not only with him but also with my star family and other people’s guides.

I wanted to portray a typical morning around 7-8am, when the sun is beginning to peek through the window only to be slightly held back by the curtains, giving the room some slight illumination.

For this portrait, I took a picture of the actual room I sleep in and used it as the environment behind the figures, while the bed is positioned in the same place that the original bed is. It’s my first time merging reality with 3D elements.

The rest is self-explanatory, I am sleeping and Anubis is pulling me out of my body into the astral plane so that I can interact with him. So why not just illustrate what I experience in a consistent basis?

My family had a huge reaction to this one, due to the clash of reality merged with 3D elements. For them to see someone else, non-human mind you, other than ourselves in a familiar room was rather unsettling, especially due to seeing me in spirit form hovering above my own physical body.

However, after the initial shock they really enjoyed the portrait and I hope you do too. 🙂


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September 4, 2020

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