“Black Like Obsidian” | 8/5/16

“Black Like Obsidian” | 8/5/16

Her name is Emily. I don’t like children and I don’t plan to have any. Ironically I have either 33 or (3+3) 6 hybrid children. When I was 12 I remember saying “If I have a girl, I’ll name her Emily!” but times change and, there you go. This little cutie and spooky one claimed the name, and she gave me the title for this illustration, it instantly reminded me of Trevor Hall’s song “Obsidian” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTEpVcYeoN8

She appeared in my mind’s eye while I was doing my algebra homework but I kept brushing it off thinking it was all nonsense. But you know what happens when you ignore “them” lol they get even more obvious and in-yo-face until you stop and pay attention.

Her skin color is quite interesting, as she appears to look white or light gray, but her skin is a very pale (I wanna say pastel) blue, changing to a very pale lilac, I don’t know. She kept saying “Iridescent” in an annoyed and persistent tone but IDK what that meant, so when I looked it up it’s pretty much what I tried to describe, which is that HER SKIN COLOR CHANGES DEPENDING ON THE LIGHT. Glad to know there’s a proper word for it xD


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June 1, 2020

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