“Create My Image” | 1/18/17

“Create My Image” | 1/18/17

Hilarious. So I needed to distract myself and get my mind off of my Psychology homework (because, how the fuck is learning about the brain, neurons, nervous system, etc. gonna help me be a better graphic designer?), so I was playing around with this guy as a way to practice my skills, but I deleted him and went to bed.

This morning I dreamed of being at the computer (laptop) only to have it lag on me (what else is new) and the screen changed to this image or close to it featuring the same blue guy I had done just last night which I decided to delete and I freaked out.

“But I never even fully finished that! Didn’t I delete him last night?”
“Yes, but I want you to create my image!”
A loud masculine voice exclaimed through the speakers of my laptop giving me a big jolt that caused me to wake up.

No idea of his origins though, I thought he was just a part of my imagination but clearly I was WRONG. 


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June 2, 2020

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