“Crescent” David Huggins’ ET Contact | 8/18/16

“Crescent” David Huggins’ ET Contact | 8/18/16

Crescent is an ET contact of David Huggins. Last year I came across her on the internet and I was instantly struck by her image in his paintings. It’s been my wish to somehow contact him, but I have not been successful in finding him. If anyone knows him, please show him this illustration for me.

Crescent’s otherworldly beauty enraptured me when I first saw her. In one or few of David’s paintings, Crescent’s facial skin color tends to be different from the skin color of her body, her face being gray while her body had a more human-like skin color. Nights passed by and I couldn’t take her image off my head. “Who is this mysterious lady and why can’t I stop thinking of her?” I’d ask myself over and over. Until one night, I took out my notebook and started to draw her, but then I got tired and I went to sleep. We eventually moved out of that apartment to the present place we now live in and her portrait remains unfinished in one of my drawers.

I came across her image from David Huggins’ paintings once again a few nights ago (I don’t know how it happened or what was I doing that I came across Crescent once again) and it had the same effect on me. I was struck by her image, and again I couldn’t stop thinking of her. This time not just during the night, but also during the day. So…here she is.

The painting that inspired this portrait.


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June 1, 2020

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