“Emerge From Your Chrysallis” | 6/9/17

“Emerge From Your Chrysallis” | 6/9/17

Commission for Crystal.

His name is unknown to me, perhaps because, again, he is your twin flame and is not connected to me in any way, therefore if he does have a name, he will give it to you.

He is very intelligent, he has that scientist-vibe, but is also laid-back and carefree. The type of scientist to explore without being cautious and provoke accidental trouble. “Accidental” as he sometimes is aware of the consequences but he still goes for it anyways because he knows and is very confident that there is always a solution for everything.

He is the first Mantis being I’ve seen with dragonfly wings, so I have the feeling he could be a hybrid of sorts with some unknown race that I am not aware of. His message to you is to go within to know yourself, but that you will eventually have to emerge from your chrysallis whether you are ready or not. The world is waiting for you and your gifts.


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June 2, 2020

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