“I Am Alena” | 11/24/19

“I Am Alena” | 11/24/19

Commission for Karen.

Karen approached me some time ago after coming across my portrait of Teal Swan. She immediately booked a commission with me because she had an intense dream in late September where an Asian woman who seemed to be from Inner Earth came forth to her during the dream state.

No words were exchanged between each other, but there was an instant bond and a strong sense of familiarity. Once Karen came to this realization, was when her star guide responded audibly “I am Alena.”

Once I was done with the portrait, it was my understanding through meditating with Alena that she was once Karen’s lover in a past lifetime, but not Inner Earth, it was elsewhere across the cosmos, I almost want to say the Pleiades but not exactly, similar in vibration but not the correct place, the name does not have human translation, but Alena said that it does not matter because we can’t even see it from here nor have the astronomers discovered it yet due to how far it is.

I have omitted parts of the notes. Alena’s connection to you is more of a romantic one, the flirty type, that’s why she was being a showoff and playful with you during this interaction. You were a female as well in that past life that you shared with her and you were both wives. The love has not died, though, despite that past life being over. I can confidently say you both still interact at that intimate level, because she is your twin flame who is now your guide while you are in human form. But in this lifetime however, you are not comfortable expressing your gender preference, you are getting there, but Alena will help you to embody more of who you are at your core, she will assist you to come back to your true essence.

There are NSFW details I cannot share publicly. So like I mentioned, parts of the notes have been omitted.


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June 2, 2020

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