“Lady of Inner Earth” | 8/23/18

“Lady of Inner Earth” | 8/23/18

Commission for Angela.

This is another one of the various commissions I did back between June and July, when I had to completely stop and block out the whole month of July in order to catch up. Still catching up with posts, if I am allowed to share.

Please do not ask me about the hand sign, I have no idea and the client did not mention anything about it, she only described what she saw. The client does not wish to share her experience in full, other than she was taken in a dream to what she refers to an “Underground City” inside massive caverns, but that the exit and entry points are too narrow so that they do not look obvious or raise eyebrows, therefore no physical person can pass, only those who are able to astral travel…and if these Inner Earth people even let you in.

She was met by this lady, who seemed to be some sort of assistant to someone else. On our Earth terms we would describe it as a secretary, but that is not the correct term to use to describe what she does over Inner Earth. The rest of the experience is private, but communication took place, there were exchanges of information and learning from each other, especially Angela from this Inner Earth lady who gave her many downloads that she is still processing.

This portrait is not intuitive, it was done based on instructions, hence the lack of meditation notes on my part.

I am not a believer of Inner Earth, so it was an interesting position I was put in when I began my work with my client. I am happy that she is happy and satisfied with my work, and I’d like to ask her to not “like” this public post as it will show up in her friend’s and family’s feeds, which could compromise her and her work.


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June 2, 2020

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