“Lady of the Still Waters” | 9/1/17

“Lady of the Still Waters” | 9/1/17

Commission for Jason.

Celleea is an Andromedan female, they do not wear clothes but for privacy purposes I am revealing this version instead.

As I observe Celleea, I can’t help but sense a wave of serenity, inner stillness and deafening silence coming from her. It is not uncomfortable like how some people feel when sharing silence with someone else and having the impulse to say something in order to break the silence. Not in this case. I am just observing her as she is observing me.

“In silence you find peace. Not external silence or peace, but from within.”

When you are silent within (stillness of the mind) and peace begins to flow through, you will notice how your chaotic surroundings will have their noise removed and your inner voice becomes louder, thus assisting you in making decisions from a more intuitive and heart-based place. Problems will still be there, but what I mean by this is that you will be able to observe the situations better as you are coming from an aligned space by working on connecting with your heart and mind, understanding the difference on how they work, and re-wiring yourself to work more from the heart and less from the mind.

“You seem rushed.” She muttered with a small smirk. At first I thought she was referring to me, until she moved her head side to side to say no.

The mind is always running on time while the heart flows gently without forcing anything, because the heart knows that if it’s meant to be, it will be. Nothing and no one will prevent it. While the mind is rushed to get something done and fast, out of fear of missing out, losing it or never getting it, which is where desperation comes in, and this discordant energy pushes away that which you’re seeking to bring in or manifest into your life. Like watering a flower three times a day everyday and putting a giant orange lamp at night on it for it to grow faster. It will bring strange results, if none at all.

All of this it seems as if she is subtly suggesting meditation. The calm waters symbolize her own inner self, her emotions which have been balanced with her thoughts, represented by the sky clearing up, letting in the light once again. The mudra on her left hand I had to look up as I did her pose intuitively. To my surprise it’s called the Shuni Mudra, the seal of Patience. It also suggests silence and discernment, woah!!!  Symbolized by her left hand, it’s about receiving this energy, applying it to yourself.

The rest of the notes are private for Jason. 


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June 2, 2020

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