Mantis | 11/10/16

Mantis | 11/10/16

Commission for Damian.

Karakatan is a Mantis guide of Damian. I’ve never been a fan of them, due to traumatic sexual encounters and having hybrids with them in the past, so it’s something I’ve been working for the past year, to heal and transmute this trauma.

Everything happens for a reason, as Damian reached out to me to help him connect with his guide visually. I’ve already been going through the loss of a close loved one at the beginning of the week, the drama of the elections, and when I perceived a “clicking vibe” when Damian made me that question, and he responded that indeed he has a Mantis guide, it was the cherry on top to crown the awful week I’ve had so far.

But I am persistent, so I didn’t allow the triggers to get to me, and in fact, I feel that some sort of breakthrough came out of this, along with a message that burst my heart wide open to allow the healing to come forth, directly from Karakatan himself.

“I bring Love, I bring Healing,
I bring Order, I bring Justice,
I bring Light and Understanding,
These are extensions of Who I Am.

To you, I bring Knowledge and Understanding,
Healing and Light,
Love and Unity,
This is who You truly Are.”


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June 2, 2020

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