“More Human Than Most Humans” | 7/12/16

“More Human Than Most Humans” | 7/12/16

I was interacting with a tall Grey (first one that I see in over six years) when all of a sudden two military men holding rifles came from behind me to grab me from the arms and pull me away from this Grey. I held his face as I cried and surprisingly he responded with the same emotion and gesture — he held my face to comfort me and wipe away my tears.

In his large black eyes, I could see a soul who responded to my emotions with emotion. He was not one of them, but one of us and was being held captive there in that underground military base (unknown location). Remember that the shadow military works with a group of service-to-self beings (of different races), and so with the alien technology that they possess, it is very easy for them to hold humans and other ETs captive, for experimentation purposes and more, as well as weaken the telepathic abilities of these captive ETs with man-made viruses with the help of a particular service-to-self group (the latter came through during the hypnosis session). He could not even speak to me telepathically.

“You’re more human than most humans I know.” I cried out to him as I was pulled away and forced to black out.


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June 1, 2020

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