“Muse From The Stars” | 10/30/17

“Muse From The Stars” | 10/30/17

Commission for Clement. 

She did not give me a name. Names are highly personal, they offer a small piece of the vibration of the one who carries the name, so I feel she wants to keep her connection focused on you and that you will be the one who will perceive her name as you begin to open up to her energy through this portrait. Immediately as I tuned in to your energy to see who wanted to come through, I perceived “Andromeda” and shortly after that, I saw her image, so she is currently your guide (one of your guides) from Andromeda.

At first I was making her with a serious expression, and then I felt her energy.

“Why serious? Joy is the food of the soul, feed me with Joy!” She was being playful with me, she wanted me to smile and relax to feel her presence better, and also to change her expression to a happier one, not exaggerated but more like a gentle, warm smile that feels like a warm summer breeze when the wind gently kisses your face.

She loves creativity. Creativity brings feelings of bliss, joy and love, which uplifts a person out of a bad mood into a better mood, it helps to change your vibrational energy from low to high. Creativity without boundaries and limits can greatly help a person to relax and enjoy the present moment by not focusing on perfection, just on enjoying what the person has in their hands in that moment, whether it’s a paintbrush, a piece of clay, a musical instrument or digital device to draw on, etc. This explains why she wanted me to illustrate her with a colorful environment, spacecraft and even uniform. Her uniform is actually silver, so is her spacecraft also, but they are both so reflective that all you can see are the colors around her and her spacecraft, but it’s also a reflection of how she feels on the inside; she knows she is an infinitely creative being. She seems to be very curious, always exploring new horizons, and I feel she extends her curiosity and creativity out to you so you can “bridge” the celestial and the physical through your own art. You are highly creative Clement, I am stunned with your abilities and I admire how you create art in different forms, and I feel she is perhaps the main guide you have who helps you during your creative moments and artistic creations. You will always find her energy in any type of art that you create. You mentioned to me that you love doing various types of art, like painting, sculpting, drawing etc. because it makes you feel really happy and blissful, correct? Observe these intense feelings that feel very good to you, because you are tuning in and adjusting your energy to rise higher and reach out into the cosmos, but once you finish your art you may feel “spacey” and ungrounded, as if you can’t focus or concentrate, so this means that you need to ground your energy, I’ll explain more when I get into the meaning of her hand sign which is a mudra.

She feels to me so similar to you in energy, that it makes me think that she was your lover in a past life in Andromeda but she has now become your guide during your human reincarnation. And yes you do have cosmic ties to Andromeda and various galactic races from there, including the ones with cone-shaped heads, they do not wish to speak to me, however I feel from them that they mean no harm to you, they sound like “assistants” who used to make you company as a young child, and helped to remove implants in your energetic body so that you could open up and express your creativity and bring them from the cosmic to the physical through art in various forms. Sometimes we stop doing art when we grow up and become adults, and I feel they wanted to assist in helping you bring your creative nature into your adult life, as one way of being able to interact with their energy when you are awake.

Back to the lovely lady, her left hand Mudra is called the Prithvi mudra and it assists in balancing the body and establishing confidence. Prithvi means “Earth” so, your guide’s message is about grounding yourself and your energy in nature if you feel unable to focus or concentrate or think clearly or with the “head in the clouds” especially after doing some kind of artistic work; like hugging a tree or walking barefoot or swimming at the beach, or simply having plants in your home and crystal quartzs (any crystal you feel attracted to, but the most popular one is clear quartz as it is “general and universal,” but the crystals for grounding your energy so you feel more “anchored” to the Earth are smoky quartz, black obsidian, black tourmaline and hematite) or a Himalayan salt lamp; besides purifying the air around you they also help to absorb negativity and to transmute it into positive energy, besides helping you to sleep better. Hmm…now I understand why she wanted a natural but cosmic environment around her lol.


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June 2, 2020

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