Nefertitus of the Delphi: Inner Earth group for Brad Johnson | 11/3/17

Nefertitus of the Delphi: Inner Earth group for Brad Johnson | 11/3/17

Commission for Brad Johnson, spiritual teacher, ET channeler and public speaker.

This was a commission done with specific instructions to illustrate Brad’s new spiritual contact.

Here’s what Brad had to say:

“My deep appreciation to Zion Zeta for doing an amazing rendering of my new Empathic contact, Nefertitus. This is very, very close to his actual appearance and is a great permission slip for anyone who wants to connect with him. Remember to tune in this Tuesday on the Webcast as he’ll be coming through again for Q&A through Empathic Interfacing. 

~ Brad Johnson

Brad was kind enough to provide me with an official testimonial that is now featured on this project:

“Zion’s ability to capture one’s own channeled contact is nothing short of astounding. She is precise, quick to produce results and the detail of her work is nothing short of incredible. She’s an excellent communicator and delivers results that blow you away. I highly recommend Zion for your next project in helping to bring your astral connections to life through 3D modelling. I will definitely be working with her again soon.”

~ Brad Johnson

I work two ways, either intuitively to bring forth whomever is closest to your energy field, or with a set of instructions of someone in particular you would like to have illustrated.


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June 2, 2020

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