“Ready To Blast” | 12/18/17

“Ready To Blast” | 12/18/17

Commission for Daria. 

This is the third time that I am requested to do a person’s counterpart/galactic aspect, so these type of requests are quite rare, and even more rare when the figure being depicted has an identical face of the client requesting it. It was a nice challenge, as it expanded me beyond my comfort zone and made me try out new things. This is Daria’s otherworldly self, and as you can see, she is ready to blast off any enemy on her way. For some reason how she said it to me and how I depicted her reminds me of the Orion Wars which I vaguely recall being involved in myself.

It can feel odd to see yourself in 3D, but when you are put into a different environment of a galactic nature, it can provoke triggers and stimulate memory recall of past experiences, encounters, interactions and even lives. Just like how depicting an ET contact you have interacted with can make you feel overwhelmed, these type of portraits where you are depicted can be much stronger as you are seeing your Self in a different environment that you, perhaps, do not recall being in, in physical reality and awareness, which can assist you to recollect the memories that you desire to recall.


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June 2, 2020

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