“Strength and Honor” | 1/21/19

“Strength and Honor” | 1/21/19

Making peace with the past.

In this special Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse night, I revisit one aspect of my past that has been in the back of my mind since the year started. I honor it and everything that I learned from it, and release it, to be burnt off, transmuted and transformed into strength and honor. This portrait represents this, making peace with the past, as well as a peace offering, and I am sure it will reach the correct person.

When I look at what happened, I not only acknowledge the mistakes of others, but also my own. I no longer feel hatred nor pain, only quiet observation and understanding as to why things unfolded the way they did. Shadow work? Perhaps, but not quite.

I have had people from the past approach me to close circle with me, and in turn I have felt inspired, so I also have approached others to close circle with them. And then there’s KALASK, tapping their talons against the metallic floor, watching from a distant corner in the astral plane earlier this year.

I knew what they were implying without them having to say a word to me, as the scenario with someone else unfolded on the “lobby” of their spacecraft. But I wasn’t convinced myself of going with it, so instead I pulled a prank and ran away, to their amusement but also disappointment.

This is the reptilian group KALASK. Revelations of past lives and how they reflect conflicts in this lifetime have been revealed to me in dreams, and much more that I will not get into.

They are 10 feet tall, I am 5’7” myself.


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June 2, 2020

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