“Telepathic Downloads” | 7/3/17

“Telepathic Downloads” | 7/3/17

I want to say I am going to take a “Social Media Detox” for a week or two, as my computer died and I feel it’s the perfect opportunity to have a break as for the past month I’ve been working on two projects hence the lack of illustrations.

Before my computer died, I managed to finish a personal depiction after a powerful vision that I had, where I was running inside an ancient Egyptian temple of Anubis (my patron god) seeking comfort in one of the rooms. To make the long story short (as I’m posting this from my phone), I had an encounter with Anubis, he embraced me tenderly in his arms making eye contact with me, and what happened next blew my mind.

A purple lightning bolt coming from the cobra in his Egyptian headdress struck me in my third eye giving me a jolt of energy that poured down my body and flowing out of my hands and feet. I became paralyzed out of fear over not knowing what was happening, Anubis held me firmly but gently in a comforting way, whispering to me that all would be well, along other things…

After the purple lightning bolt faded away and I no longer felt that electrifying sensation all over me, Anubis released me and stepped back until he disappeared in the shadows, and everything around me started shaking and falling apart. The floor beneath me crumbled and I fell down into darkness, but I did not hit the floor, I was gently placed on the ground.

I was terrified, crying and asking myself “What’s happening?!” I was panicking for not being able to see, for being surrounded by darkness, but then I heard his howling laughter in the distance, and a comforting feeling came over me.

“All is well. There is nothing to fear here.” I thought to myself.
“The darkness will not hurt me, but rather, it shall comfort me and bring me the healing that I seek.”
I could perceive Anubis silently agreeing, somewhere in the darkness.
“But I’m blind. I can’t see where I’m going.”
I extended my arms as I gave small steps forward so as to not trip and fall.
“Stop focusing on where you’re supposed to go and focus on your heart.” His voice echoed all around me and I woke up.

Because of that, I’ve been making some serious introspection and changes in my personal life in the past two to three days, both internal and external, and having sudden realizations about some things (the hint behind the lightning bolt). I even deleted my YouTube channel after 3 years and after two sleepless nights anxious while thinking about it over and over and with a lot of resistance of taking the leap and making such abrupt changes (the hint behind everything falling apart around me and being left in the dark), especially when quite a lot of people have such high expectations of me.

I don’t know what am I supposed to do next or where should I go, but I trust that everything is already getting taken care of and is unfolding at the perfect pace, because it is. 


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June 2, 2020

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