“Temple of Atlantis” | 6/15/20

“Temple of Atlantis” | 6/15/20

Commission for Tracy. (2 of 3)

When it comes to the second portrait, it is linked to the first one, due to the messages hidden in the titles of both, “Allow Me to Heal You” and “Temple of Atlantis,” in other words, she is inviting you to be healed in her astral temple and also to step into your role as a healer. I see her working with etheric implants and parasites as well as the removal of them, she is more of a spiritual healer rather than a literal, physical healer like, say, a physician. She is also good with dream-work, lucid dreaming and astral projection, you can ask her for advice on how to develop those skills or strengthen them and learn how to control them if you are already experiencing them, she is a master at manipulating dream scenarios and switching nightmares to normal dream environments, which is part of lucid dreaming, which I feel is more common for you.

Because lucid dreaming is more likely to happen to you before jumping into astral projection, she suggests you meditate with her image before sleeping, so that you begin to prepare your body for her high-vibrational energy. She will provide you not only with protection, but she will also guide you during your dream travels and teach you more about the etheric side and dream-work. She will also be the one who will present you to your hybrid, enter the third portrait.

[Some segments of the notes have been omitted.]


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June 15, 2020

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