“The Adventurous Hybrid” | 4/7/18

“The Adventurous Hybrid” | 4/7/18

Commission for Ashley. 

This portrait was done a few months ago, however it was a private commission initially.  Recently, Ashley shared it on her Instagram @angelcodes, so I have decided to share it publicly as well. However, the messages and notes are private and reserved for the client.

Please know that when you commission me all portraits are private by default, unless you wish to share yours at some point in which case I will also share it on my end as well. You can also opt out of sharing what I received during the creative process if you still want me to share your portrait and keep the notes to yourself, or share them too along with the portrait.

As an artist I respect your privacy and I am glad that you feel safe when working with me. Giving you options to protect your identity or maintain the sacredness of the information that came through during a 3D commission in private are my main priorities that I will always keep in place. Thank you for putting your trust in me, your lovely Zion Zeta.  


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June 2, 2020

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