“The Alpha Zeta” | 7/6/19

“The Alpha Zeta” | 7/6/19

I realized I have not posted new artwork recently on this page. Things have been busy on my end with private commissions piled up, the podcast, University and some top secret projects that I am working on. But here is a little preview of a portrait that I am not sure whether I will publish or not.

My encounter with this Zeta female with a very strong alpha/masculine energy was as recent as July 4th so I am still processing this and trying to figure out how to portray ourselves. The insane part about this is that she is an extension, one aspect of the Higher Self of someone that I know in this physical plane, also a female, but non-binary. To my misfortune though, she is straight in this lifetime. Woe is me.

The story of our meeting and connection (or re-connection) as well as what type of connection we share (and have shared in a previous lifetime) was of a lesbian nature, but I have chosen to omit this experience and keep it to myself.

Can you see her smirk? 


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June 2, 2020

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