“The Arcturian Ambassador” | 10/23/19

“The Arcturian Ambassador” | 10/23/19

One of the most complex works I’ve done, due to tiny details that were tiny but bothersome. 3D models will never look exactly alike to a real human, but it is possible to sculpt a strong resemblance.

Some time ago, I was gazing at artwork that Teal Swan has done in the past, to see if I could get a download that would help me understand my connection to the Arcturians, since they are specifically the ones that have guided me in my art journey but I know nothing about them. (Isn’t it ironic? I help others connect with their own star family and guides, but I cannot do so for myself. Same with tarot readings, I cannot read myself.)

Instead, I have had dreams with Teal Swan before, the scenarios are either in a conference room or what seems to be outside of Earth. Doesn’t matter where, when she speaks to me it is actually someone else who is communicating through her and speaking to me, usually a masculine energy. So this sparked my inspiration and I decided to create a portrait of her back then, but never published it.

In regards to the Arcturians, I was not tuning in to her energy as I do not do this without the authorization of the person, but they decided to show up to me when I was sculpting her image, it may be possible that they are my guides, but perhaps not. When they showed up, they revealed to me the full vision of how the portrait was supposed to look like, which is this final result.

“Are you serious?” I facepalmed when I saw the first Arcturian, the one on the left.
“No. I am Arcturian.” I felt a snicker and held my stoic expression in place, but eventually laughed.
“Here we go again.” I rolled my eyes.

This portrait was a “download” inspired by both dreams and the artwork in the dress that she is wearing. I made the texture for the dress out of one of her works, titled “Arcturian Conjunction Grid” https://tealswan.com/paintings/arcturian-conjunction-grid/ because I have seen her wear her own art in clothes before, so I found it fitting to integrate the artwork that inspired my own artwork, so I turned it into a dress. The rest is history. 

The purpose of this portrait was mostly from me to myself, to assist myself with this connection to the Arcturians, based on experiences I have had with them, usually through her. When it comes to symbolism, it is quite evident. Teal Swan channeling the Arcturians – hence the channels of light from their hands to hers – a symbolism of her being an ambassador for them, a walker and communicator between worlds and dimensions – hence the sacred geometry/merkaba behind – and a cosmic interpreter – hence the Arcturian hovering his hand over her head, sending information to her for her to interpret and translate into one of the human languages.

Based on the description that Teal Swan provided for the vibration behind her artwork, it explains why I cannot just do one thing alone, and the ones who help me multitask (the Arcturians). I did not read the description until now, when I tracked down the original link to her art. Everything makes more sense now, but I am sure that more will come.


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June 2, 2020

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