The Arcturians | 11/11/16

The Arcturians | 11/11/16

I feel they carry a message of great Unconditional Love, transmutation, healing, and “galactivation” of the DNA codes through working with the solar energy and the chakras, and utilizing each type of energy from each chakra for a specific purpose, with the help of the Sun’s solar energy or light.

Both of these elements combined can and will trigger a powerful re-awakening of the Self, through working with each chakra and energizing them with celestial solar light, I feel that many of us will re-awaken, our DNA codes will “galactivate” and there will be an acceleration of a “shift” that is imminent, and we will be able to embody more of who we truly are.

They say that we have the necessary assistance to do what we need to do, and that this is a time of shedding the old Self (the illusion of who we think we are based on what others say that we then integrate and believe that we “are”) in order to become the Self (who we are becoming and who we truly are in our core).

The Arcturians made themselves known to me last year around this time, with a very specific message — to channel them. But I was afraid at the time and ignored them. Now they have come through again, and I think it’s time. It’s time for a lot of us to fully step into Our Purpose, and the moment is Now.


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June 2, 2020

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