“The Ayahuasca Guide” | 5/17/19

“The Ayahuasca Guide” | 5/17/19

Commission For Lisa. 

I am honored to be allowed to share this on my 3rd anniversary of doing art – or as I call it, art-iversary.  so I wanted to thank you all so much for your support by liking and following this page as well as to those of you who have booked a commission with me, your support means a lot to me and I am very happy as well as honored to work with so many wonderful souls and share some of the stunning beings that come forth with incredible information that help and assist many that come across my art.

This portrait of Lisa’s Arcturian guide was made based on very specific instructions that she gave me after she had an Ayahuasca ceremony earlier this month where she was seeing images overlapping each other, mainly and mostly pyramids and stars, but the ones that stood out to her the most were what she believes was the Giza Pyramids – however only one of them – and the Orion constellation.

She then saw what she described to me as “A mechanical elf, or at least initially it was a mechanical elf, it’s the weirdest thing because it’s not mechanical in nature, it’s only how I perceived the structure that formed this being. And then it took on the form of what feels to me like an Arcturian, except I have not seen one such as this one.”

I have omitted the rest of her message to me, where she shares her Ayahuasca session, for privacy.

“When I went searching online to see how Arcturians looked like, I came across your website where you have a couple of depictions of them and it gave me CHILLS! It is rare when something gives me chills so then I just KNEW in my heart that I just HAD to book a session and get a portrait from you because I can feel the energies behind your portraits and I had the feeling that you could help me to bring through at least a slight resemblance to who I saw.”

The meditation notes for this particular portrait have also been omitted at the request of the client, since I dive in deep to various topics that he brought up to me for her awareness and are of a sensitive nature, which validated without my awareness several of the things she received on her own that she did not share with me.


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June 2, 2020

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