“The Blockage Buster” | 8/31/18

“The Blockage Buster” | 8/31/18

Commission for Teresa Yanaros.

I was at a conference room during the night, the lights were dim and the place was packed. The room had hues of purple, blue and fuchsia, due to the huge projector screen behind us, so the large room felt warm and cozy, which made me feel safe and secure, something I don’t feel when I am in large rooms, especially packed with people.

I was terrified as I was on stage next to Teresa, standing at her left side further away, trying to hide in the entrance to go on stage (there was short hallway at my left). She was wearing all-black just like me, except she looked elegant and I looked more like a metalhead tomboy xD.

Teresa was speaking about the chakras, so the hues of the conference room were due to a large picture of the chakras being shown on the projector screen. I don’t know if she was presenting, or “talking in between” speakers, but I know she wanted me next to her on stage because I was going to be presenting next.

That’s when my surroundings changed and I was inside a spacecraft with her and nobody else. Teresa was showing me a hologram of the chakras and explaining to me how they were connected to our organs.

As she explained each one of them to me, I could hear something burst as if it was glass, and it was because we were both unblocking the chakras from this hologram, Teresa with her teaching and myself with integrating this new knowledge in my subconscious.

I don’t know if this was all being done for practice with a hologram of a simulation, or if I had healing work done on me and the chakras shown were a scan of my energetic body. But I woke up with sleep paralysis.


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June 2, 2020

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